New from Sony, (Replaces the top selling NH14WM) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery with long battery life of 1350mAh.
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New from Sony, the NH-14WM Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery with a long battery life of 1350mAh capacity. (Replaces the NH14WM). Suitable for most Sony, Sharp, Aiwa and Panasonic portable Mini Disc players and recorders.

The Sony NH14WM rechargeable up to approximately 1000 times. Economic, good for heavy-current consumption equipment and for most portable walkmans. Use as a direct replacement for the above or just ensure you have a spare one. Ring customer services should you have a model not shown on model list.

  • Sony MiniDisc Recorders: MZ-N1, MZR-910, MZR-909, MZR-900, MZR-90, MZR-91, MZR-55
  • Sony MiniDisc Players: MZ-E909, MZ-E900, MZ-E501, MZ-E600, MZ-E70, MZ-E75, MZ-E700, MZ-E500, MZ-E800, MZ-E90, MZ-E75, MZ-E55, MZ-E44, MZ-E45, MZ-E25, MZ-E30, MZ-E35, MZ-E50, MZ-EP11, MZ-E501
  • Sony Walkmans: D-EJ01, D-EJ925, D-EJ01, D-EJ955, D-EJ955S and plenty more.
  • Sony Network Walkmans: NW-M99
  • Sharp Players & Recorders: MD-MT770, MT877, MT77, MT66, MD-ST77, ST70, ST66
  • Aiwa Players & Recorders: AM-F90, AM-HX100, HX150, HX200
  • Panasonic Players & Recorders: SJ-MR220, MR200, SJ-SW9MD, SW90MD, MJ88, MJ80
  • Use as a direct replacement or just ensure you have a spare one.
  • More Information
    Brands Sony
    Product Specifications
    • Battery Type
    Nickel Metal Hydride
    • Battery Capacity
    • Battery voltage
    1.2 Volts

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