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  1. TEAC W1200 Twin Cassette Deck
    TEAC W1200 Twin Cassette Deck
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Cassette Deck Guide

Today with the advent of so many media types and sources of music, cassette decks are becoming a piece of history; however cassette decks are still being manufactured and sold across the world and enjoyed by many music lovers. Since 1963 when Phillips designed the first compact and portable cassette recorder this medium captured the public’s attention and from that point onwards Cassette became the number one purchase and many millions were sold in the subsequent years.

Music Mediums
Most music today is available on many mediums such as compact disc, digital downloads and streaming but some audiophiles still prefer the true analogue sound that cassette decks provide and this is certainly true on some of the top machines that are available today.

Cassette Deck Technical Considerations
Certain features are essential for high quality reproduction and certainly the recording head is foremost and whilst it was Nakamichi that produced the first 3 head cassette deck theirs have been many innovations and improvements over the years such as Auto Azimuth Alignment and auto reverse. Added refinements included Dolby B and Dolby C which removed the inherent Hiss on magnetic tape. Dolby employed additional circuitry which pre-emphasizes high frequencies before they are recorded onto tape in order to make them larger than the "tape hiss" noise with which they compete.

Cassette Deck Features
For best performance an individual head dedicated to playback and record can each be set up and optimized for best performance, and the ability to monitor playback while recording can be extremely useful. Most other features such as auto reverse, A – B repeat on playback or high speed dubbing do little to improve sound reproduction however they can be very convenient when choosing what product to purchase. Gain with Double cassette decks can be advantageous when considering duplicating a tape, useful if you wish to back up an important recording

Cassette tape innovations
Over the many years the improvement of tape itself and new materials made compact cassettes  a great high fidelity source. Advances had been made in all areas of compact cassette manufacturer, from the magnetic particles of the tape itself, to the material used to bind material in place and to the cassette shell itself. TDK says it had reduced particle size by almost a factor of 10 over the years, while magnetic energy of each particle has almost doubled.

Nakamichi - Still the Best
Nakamichi is probably the most famous manufacturer among cassette deck enthusiasts. This company produced Cassette decks of the highest quality and performance. They were brilliantly engineered and constructed with exceptional sound quality. Perhaps one day they may return for this nostalgic and brilliant concept in cassette recording

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