Mobile Fidelity UltraDeck Turntable inc UltraTracker MM Cartridge

The Mobile Fidelity UltraDeck Turntable offers the ultra in vinyl playback, with custom components and advanced technology including a heavyweight Delrin platter and an isolated synchronous motor for accurate rotational speed. The UltraDeck provides the purest listening experience for your vinyl collection. The UltraDeck is factory fitted with the UltraTracker MM cartridge and is also available with the MasterTracker MM cartridge.

Custom-developed and manufactured in the USA, the 10-inch Ultra tonearm on the UltraDeck inc UltraTracker uses smooth, high-quality ball bearings for low friction in the vertical and horizontal plane so all you hear is what is in the grooves. Cardas Audio wiring maintains signal purity from the headshell leads all the way through to the high-quality, gold-plated RCA connectors.

The stepped-pulley AC motor on the UltraDeck provides excellent speed stability for pitch accuracy and rhythmic drive. The Delrin pulley has two positions for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speed selection. Motor vibrations are kept away from the platter and stylus by using advanced dampening materials that decouple the motor from the rest of the turntable.

The MoFi UltraDeck features a massive 1.3-inch Delrin platter, with the increased mass creating a blacker sonic background and a lower noise floor. The platter is constructed from Delrin, a next-generation polymer using a crystalline structure to impedance match vinyl records. This helps provide effective grounding, keeping unwanted noise away from the stylus. The plinth is constructed of three aluminium plates carefully bonded to an MDF body to add mass and eliminate tonal coloration, maintaining the true sound found on the record.

Any vibration of the stylus that is not created by the grooves in the record is a distortion that will mask musical detail. To combat this, Mobile Fidelity developed anti-vibration feet in conjunction with the engineering team at Harmonic Resolution Systems, the world leader in vibration isolation for audio equipment. The included MoFi anti-vibration feet isolate your turntable from bad vibrations.

The hardened-steel inverted bearing system is designed for smooth, quiet rotational stability for the best performance from the UltraDeck. The extremely low tolerance combination of steel, bronze, and sapphire—found in much more expensive turntables—will provide you many years of high-performance playback.

Employing two low-mass, powerful magnets aligned in a V formation parallel with the stereo record grooves, the UltraTracker accurately extracts precious details from your LPs. The well-damped billet aluminium body controls resonances for tight, accurate bass reproduction.

By using a nude-elliptical diamond stylus, the UltraTracker cartridge easily tracks complex dynamic passages for superb detail, allowing you to experience your music like never before.

Mobile Fidelity UltraDeck Turntable Inc UltraTracker MM Cartridge features

  • 33-1/3 and 45.0 RPM belt drive turntable
  • 10-inch MoFi Studio Tonearm
  • 3/4-inch Delrin® platter
  • Isolated 300 RPM AC synchronous motor
  • Anti-Vibration feet designed by HRS
  • Custom design and manufactured in the USA
  • V-Twin dual-magnet generator
  • Nude-elliptical stylus
More Information
BrandsMobile Fidelity
Product Specifications


300 RPM AC Synchronous


33 1/3 RPM, 45.0 RPM


6.8 lb Delrin®

Wow & Flutter

0.017% – 0.025%

Signal-To-Noise Ratio


Power Supply Requirements

120V 60Hz, 220-230V 50Hz, 100V 50Hz


10" straight aluminum, gimbaled bearing


0.71" (18mm)

Cartridge Weight Range

5g – 10g


19.69" x 6" x 14.25"


23.1 lb

Hi Fi News Outstanding ProductHi Fi News Outstanding ProductThe UltraDeck is a dream choice for those who want components that can evolve along with them.
Hi Fi Choice Editors ChoiceHi Fi Choice Editors ChoiceAn incredibly accomplished turntable package that sounds magnificent.
EISA 2019-2020EISA 2019-2020Best Product - Turntable
Golden Ear 2019 AwardsGolden Ear 2019 AwardsThe UltraDeck is a smartly conceived and finely honed design that’s already earning its place as an instant classic...

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