Mobile Fidelity Super HeavyWeight Record Weight

The Mobile Fidelity Super HeavyWeight Record Weight works as a noise and vibration suppressant, helping you maximise the music from your vinyl. Pressing the vinyl to the platter, the Super HeavyWeight improves dynamics, clarity and bass response from your vinyl.

The MoFi Electronics Super HeavyWeight record weight is a super noise killer, to allow more resolution of the music through your system. The Super HeavyWeight is intended for use with all makes of turntables-not just MoFi Electronics models.

The Super HeavyWeight was conceived and designed in conjunction with Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS), and the device uses proprietary polymer material, renowned for its exceptional noise-absorption characteristics, to dampen noise and vibrations effectively. In addition to securing the record to the platter, the Super HeavyWeight significantly reduces noise, specifically, record groove, motor, and bearing noise. When using the Super HeavyWeight with your vinyl, you will hear more music due to resultant sonically blacker backgrounds, increased inner detail, improved clarity, enhanced microdynamics, and greater bass impact.

The Super HeavyWeight proves a useful tool to add an extra level to your listening experience, maximising on all the small details that really make music come alive. A necessary accessory for serious vinyl lovers, the Super HeavyWeight represents a step up in sonic performance for any turntable.

Mobile Fidelity Super HeavyWeight Record Weight features

  • Designed with Harmonic Resolution Systems
  • Proprietary polymer material for noise suppression
  • Works with any turntable model
  • Increases detail, dynamics and clarity audible in the vinyl performance
  • Secures the vinyl record to the turntable platter
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BrandsMobile Fidelity
Product Specifications

Outer shell

Comprised of billet-machined 6061 aluminium for an easy grip


Made from a soft polymer that ensures damage-free operation with LPs


3.0” diameter and 1.355” height


367.4 grams, the optimum weight with respect to applying no strain or stress to a turntable’s motor, bearing, or suspension

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