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Noise Cancelling Headphones Guide
Life in the twenty-first century is loud. Noise has risen to a level where it is being considered a type of pollution, harming our hearing. The loudness of the outdoors has made it really difficult to enjoy a little music in peace, or to just relax in the quiet. Noise Cancelling Headphones are a twenty-first century invention designed to get some of the calm back in your life. At HiFix, we have a wide range of Noise Cancelling Headphones so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

How they work
The function of Noise Cancelling Headphones is simple and obvious, to tone down the sounds in your environment and provide you with complete silence, and allow you to enjoy whatever music you want. These headphones create frequencies that negate and diminish the ambient sounds in the surrounding area. A must have for everyone who wants to blank away extraneous sounds to create a quite environment   With these headphones on, you do not need to turn the volume all the way up as the noises in your surrounding area are already reduced to a bare minimum. HiFix offers you the best Noise Cancelling Headphones available in the market that turn down the sounds in your environment as low as possible and help enhance your music experience without damaging your hearing with high volumes.

There are basically two types of noise cancelling Active and passive, passive noise cancelling headphones work on the basis that they are designed so the earpieces fit snugly into your ears. No sound can escape to bother the people around you and no background noise can get in either, a simple solution however not suitable for hi quality sound. Although more technically complex active noise cancellation is renowned to provide the best isolation from external noise levels.

Active Noise Cancellation
Most headphones use active noise-cancelling technology to reduce distracting background noise, providing an exceptionally comfortable and restful listening environment in areas with high ambient noise. Active noise-cancelling headphones have components not present in ordinary headphones: Noise-cancelling headphones feature a miniature microphone in the earpiece that picks up ambient noise from the surrounding area and electronics in the ear piece create a noise-cancelling wave that is 180° out of phase with the ambient noise. This wave acts like a noise eraser: it cancels out the annoying sounds that surround you without diminishing the audio you want to hear. The result…a peaceful enclave to enjoy the music or movies of your choice.

Top Brands
HiFix is proud to contain some of the best names in music technology in its offered products. The Noise Cancelling Headphones we offer are available in brands of the highest quality such as Bose, and Bowers and Wilkins, Sennheiser, Denon and Grado. Having Noise Cancellation Headphones by the top brands around is a sure to enjoy music where by environment noise levels are a distraction. 

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