The Naim DBL completely redefines the performance of large loudspeakers and the boundaries of audio systems in general…
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The Naim DBL completely redefines the performance of large loudspeakers and the boundaries of audio systems in general.

Naim have adapted and enhanced our separate box technology to produce a fully-decoupled, three-way, dynamic loudspeaker of awesome power and clarity, which also maintains superlative control over its very wide bandwidth. It sacrifices nothing in terms of speed, focus, or fine musical detail.

A massive fifteen-inch bass driver mounted in its own enclosure is vented downwards into the large L-shaped chamber which forms the main body of the loudspeaker and includes the integral stand. Between these two cabinets is a new version of our unique precision acoustic resistance unit, which precisely controls the movement of air between the two.

The top cabinet houses the midrange driver and the tweeter, both of which receive individual decoupling treatments; the tweeter by its own suspension plate mounting, and the midrange driver by slotting and damping the cabinet front panel itself.

The size and enormous performance potential of the DBL has demanded the most ruthless control of unwanted resonances, successfully achieved through extensive use of our computer-aided design facilities. Each loudspeaker employs thirty separate damping systems, each driver is individually selected and computer matched, and acoustic materials are delicately weighed to an accuracy of less than one gram. The result is a loudspeaker of outstanding sensitivity, allowing it to be driven with relative ease. The DBL can be used in both active or passive mode. Passive operation requires our PXO3 crossover unit, while an active set-up uses the SNAXO 362 electronic crossover and either three stereo or six mono amplifiers.

The performance of the DBL needs to be experienced to be believed. Low frequency articulation, extension, attack and transient recovery place it in a class of its own. The superb, expansive midband clarity and the sheer delicate power of the high frequencies come together to present music as a seamless whole. Listening to the Naim DBLs can be a very emotional experience as they bring a completely new sense of scale and presence to performances at all listening levels. They will also provide unique insights into your music and the recording environment, revealing characteristics of both player and instrument, timbre and intonation which you may never have appreciated before.

All of this is achieved with a complete lack of fuss or strain on either you or the loudspeaker. The Naim DBL - when only the very best will do.

  • Separate drive units for increased acoustic performance
  • Cabinet separation forms a distributed, low turbulence reflex port.
  • Computer modeled aluminium chassis
  • Externally mounted crossover provides advantages through mechanical isolation
  • Available in three finishes, Black, Cherry and Maple
  • More Information
    Brands Naim
    Product Specifications
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    17Hz - 20kHz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Finish
    Black, Cherry & Maple
    • Maximum Power Handling
    • Sensitivity
    • Impedance
    4 Ohms

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