-Monitor Audio Pureflow Biwire Speaker Cable

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  • -Monitor Audio Pureflow Biwire Speaker Cable

-Monitor Audio Pureflow Biwire Speaker Cable

The Monitor Audio Pureflow bi-wire speaker cable utilises multi-strand, high purity copper (>99.999% pure) conductor metallurgy, silver-plated to provide outstanding conductivity.

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The Monitor Audio Pureflow bi-wire speaker cable utilises multi-strand, high purity copper (>99.999% pure) conductor metallurgy, silver-plated to provide outstanding conductivity. The Monitor Audio Pureflow bi-wire speaker cable geometry is made up by forming 160 individual conductors of 0.1mm diameter into a spiral configuration with a total cross-sectional area of 1.25mm2. The insulation type used is a special ion stable PVC which minimises corrosion of the silver plated surface and in turn, the copper conductors underneath. The large number of independent conductors used, enhances high frequency performance whilst improving the packing density of the cable design.

Each Monitor Audio Pureflow bi-wire speaker cable is clearly marked along the entire length with polarity information. In the case of the Pureflow bi-wire, the two positive conductors are oriented on the outsides (spaced furthest apart); as this configuration was deemed to sound the best by our listening panel during testing.

The Monitor Audio Pureflow bi-wire speaker cable is ideal for all types of hi-fi or home theatre installations and is capable of being used over long runs whilst maintaining very low overall resistance, capacitance and inductance. This in turn presents a benign load to the amplifier and ensures the sound is transferred to the speaker in the way it was intended. There is much information and black art relating to cable design and sound but at Monitor Audio we believe 'A speaker cable should be seen and not heard'

  • Double in-line figure 8 configuration for bi-wire
  • Silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors formed into a spiral lay
  • High performance low density transparent polyethylene insulation
  • Available in 100m reels (un-terminated)
  • 160 x 0.1 mm Diameter conductors (16 AWG)
  • Conductor Diameter including insulation: 3.9mm
  • Overall dimensions: 15mm x 3.9mm
  • Effective Cross sectional area; 1.25mm2 each conductor
  • Resistance: 10.5 Ohms/KM Inductance: 0.4 uH/M
  • Additional Information

    • Conductor
    Silver Plated 99.999% OFC
    • DC Resistance
    10.5 Ohms/KM
    • Inductance
    0.4 uH/M
    • Application Design
    Bi-Wire Speaker Cable
    • Overall Shield
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