The MX-350's Super-Fast Deep Bass design combines multiple elements of M&K technology to produce its unique combination of detailed articulation and powerful impact
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Surprising even M&K's design team with its ability to rival the output capability of the industry's reference- standard MX-5000THX, the brand-new MX-350THX in a smaller cabinet is the new reference for powered subwoofers selling for under £2,500!

The MX-350's BASH amplifier incorporates our latest Headroom Maximizer IV circuit. Delivering 400 watts, this innovative amplifier gives you extremely clean sound and extraordinary articulation, along with enormous output and an incredible dynamic range. It delivers maximum output at essentially the same levels as the MX-5000THX, yet its Headroom Maximizer circuit prevents amplifier clipping and audible distress-with a highly detailed transparent sound.

M&K's Deep Bass sealed-box design produces significant deep bass output, with an in-room response flat to frequencies well below 20 Hz. Many other THX subwoofers have vented cabinets, giving them an extremely sharp rolloff (24 dB/octave or more) below the lower limit of their "flat" response. By reproducing bass frequencies lower than 20 Hz, the MX-350THX has a lifelike power and authority that these other subwoofers simply cannot match.

For those who want even more deep bass, the MX-350THX now gives you an additional choice of bass response-one that is anechoically flat to below 20 Hz! This position means that in a room, the subwoofer will produce a rising bass characteristic below 20 Hz for a very powerful deep bass. And, of course, M&K's Push-Pull Dual Driver Configuration delivers a major improvement in bass detail and articulation by virtually eliminating even-order harmonic distortion and doubling the sound power per watt of amplifier power, for 6 dB of additional output!

The MX-350THX features a two-position subwoofer phase switch. Because the MX-350THX is designed for low (preamp) level inputs (THX/surround controllers, preamps, crossovers), it does not include speaker level inputs. In response to our customers' requests for a full range of options, the MX-350THX has three switchable low pass filter choices. First is M&K's standard variable low-pass filter, which is continuously adjustable between 50 and 125 Hz. Next, for THX systems, you can bypass the subwoofer's filter to use the internal filter found in all THX controllers. The third option is the same fixed 80 Hz 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley low pass filter found in THX controllers. With the M&K BMC-Mini High-Pass Filter (which has the identical high pass filter found in a THX controller) and M&K Satellites, the combination acoustically forms a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover. The linear phase of these filters optimizes speaker performance and simplifies speaker set-up, because in virtually all cases, regardless of the room and the locations of the listeners and speakers, the overlapping acoustic output of the satellites and subwoofer will sum near-perfectly. This makes a seamless "splice" between the upper range of the subwoofer and the lower range of the satellite speakers, all without calibration or adjustment.

The MX-350THX uses two ultra high performance, long-throw 12" magnetically shielded drivers. These drivers are capable of extremely high output, with great articulation, clarity, and authority. Their magnetic shielding means that you can place the subwoofer near the television!

  • Reference standard THX certified sub-woofer for the ultimate home cinema experience
  • M&K's patented maximiser circuit allows you to use the sub at high volumes without any distortion or amplifier clipping
  • To facilitate connection to any system, the MX-350THX accepts inputs for both line-level signals and speaker level signals
  • Full level control allowing you to tailor the bass levels to your exact demands
  • Rated at a massive 400watts the MX-350THX delivers the quality you would normally expect in a cinema
  • Magnetically shielded, the MX-30THX can be positioned anywhere in the room without fear of distortion
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    Brands Miller and Kreisel
    Product Specifications
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    18 to 200Hz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Finish
    Satin Black
    • Bass Driver
    12" Long-Throw Bass Drivers x2
    • Amplifier
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