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The Award winning Marantz CD6003 & PM6003 package including Tannoy Mercury V1 bookshelf speakers plus 10 metres of QED Classic 42 Strand Speaker Cable inc 8 Milty Banana plugs
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Save ££££££ on this brilliant Marantz Package Deal comprising the Award winning Marantz CD6003 + PM6003 System, a pair of Tannoy Mercury V1 speakers, 10 metres of the award winning QED Classic 42 Speaker Cable PLUS 8 Milty CC127 Banana plugs for a perfect connection - Just plug and play


MARANTZ PM6003 AMPLIFIER - For the PM6003 Marantz took the opportunity to not only change the cosmetics of it's much appraised predecessor PM6002 to get it in-line with the M1 design, but even extend the quality. It got special treatment to refine the sound and optimise the balance from bass to mid to highs for a performance full of harmony. The Marantz PM6003's new lower impedance case shielded toroidal transformer was matched to new main capacitors which again have been aligned to a new type of power transistor capable of handling higher current and keeping better control over the speaker. More powerful transistors are mounted on a new extruded aluminium heat sink reducing resonances which could influence the sensible audio signal. All has been balanced and harmonised with the right combination of customised audio components on the right place of the circuitry. Tight bass, clear stereo image and a wide sound stage is the result. Be amazed! Nominated by What Hi Fi Awards 2009 - Best Amplifier up to £500.00.

MARANTZ CD6003 CD PLAYER - The Marantz CD6003 CD player is an excellent CD player with brilliant sound quality, dynamic range and clear detail reproduction that will give anything a music lover is out for. The solid Marantz CD6003 CD player chassis is strengthened by an additional metal bottom plate reducing unwanted vibration and makes the Marantz CD6003 a real "Heavy Weight Fighter". The centrally installed mechanism is compatible with CDDA, CD-R/RW discs as well as MP3 and WMA files. The USB input derived from the SA8003 features iPod digital connection. The stable oversized power supply is feeding the digital and analogue circuitry of the player, where the high quality CS4398 is converting the digital signal into an analogue one which will be pushed by the Marantz own small signal amplifier called HDAM-SA2 and passes further customized and well chosen components to its way to the gold plated cinch outputs. Together the Marantz PM6003 it is a match made in heaven for the music lover who wants nothing but the best performance for an attractive price. Nominated by What Hi Fi Awards 2009 - Best CD player up to £500.00.

TANNOY MERCURY V1 SPEAKERS - The Tannoy Mercury V1 bookshelf loudspeakers are the fifth generation of Tannoy's best-selling Mercury series of loudspeakers offering outstanding performance and value for money. Designed to get the very best from entry-level hi-fi and AV amplifiers, the Mercury V range has been revised and upgraded to deliver an even cleaner and more vibrant presentation than its award-winning predecessors

QED CLASSIC SPEAKER CABLE - QED Classic 42 strand is an award winning speaker cable that combines convenience and performance. The QED 42 Strand speaker cable's figure '8' construction allows 42 strand to be used in the most demanding placement situations

MILTY CC127 4MM GOLD PLATED BANANA PLUGS - High Quality 4 mm Banana plug suitable for most types of speaker cable up to 4mm conductor entry (8.5mm cable entry.) The cable can be either soldered or there is an alternative screw termination. The Plug is 24K gold plated for excellent contact resistance.

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Brands Marantz
What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2010What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2010CD6003 - BEST CD PLAYER UP TO £500.00
What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2010What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2010PM6003 - LOOKS, BUILD, FINISH, EXCITING, COHESIVE AND ADAPTABLE SOUND
What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewPM6003 - BEST STEREO AMPLIFIER UP TO £500.00
What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewCD6003 - BEST CD PLAYER UP TO £500.00

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