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The Dali Oberon On Wall C Active Wireless Speakers deliver an impressive sound with warmth and detail, all wirelessly thanks to the in-built technology. Using the Dali Sound Hub Compact, play all your favourite music without cables over a high quality signal, for a dynamic performance.

Wireless Active

The Oberon On Wall C speakers use an active design, incorporating two 50W Class D power amplifiers with great dynamic ability. With one amplifier dedicated to powering the high frequency driver, and the other driving the woofer, the Oberon On Wall C speakers are able to produce detail and clarity. With a rear wireless panel, the Oberon On Wall C can receive low latency high-quality signals from the Sound Hub Compact, delivering your music with accuracy and musicality.

Midrange Driver

The Oberon On-Wall speakers feature a 5.25 inch diameter low loss woofer, producing optimised sound with a new wood fibre structure cone, to deliver a delicate midrange response and bass frequencies. Constructed from paper pulp reinforced with wood fibres, the cone is stiff, yet lightweight, allowing for subtle control. The cone is capable of reproducing all the micro details in the sound, for a high accuracy, unfiltered performance. The Oberon On-Wall woofer membrane uses a rubber surround for free movement and a flexible control.

SMC Technology

The SMC technology used in the Dali Oberon On-Wall speakers reduces mechanical distortion often produced by hysteresis and eddy currents. The magnet motor improvements result in less third order distortion, meaning long listening pleasure with a relaxed midrange and a higher detailed performance. The magnet motor itself is constructed from an iron pole piece topped with a 10mm SMC disk, to minimise the negative effects of the iron, and putting the SMC disk in the main working area of the voice coil. Maximum effect is extracted from the SMC in this position for a greatly improved constant flux field.


Alongside the midrange driver, an ultra-lightweight 29mm tweeter is used on the Oberon On-Wall speakers. Developed specifically for the Oberon series, the oversized tweeter has a membrane inspired by ultra-light wave weave fabric, optimised for a larger bandwidth in the lower frequencies. The crossover between the woofer and the tweeter is then well balanced and coherent, with a clear midrange. The tweeter is able to produce wide dispersion thanks to a carefully designed front plate with similar geometry to the Rubicon and Opticon series.


The Oberon On Wall C speakers are constructed from high density CNC machined MDF, with rigid construction and solid bracings inside the cabinet for reinforcement. Resonance within the cabinet is virtually eliminated thanks to the stiffness of materials.

Sound Hub Compact

The Sound Hub Compact plays a central role in the Oberon C Wireless system, connecting to all your music sources through the wired inputs and the Oberon C speakers over a low latency 30-bit digital stream broadcast. With the Sound Hub Compact and the Oberon C Wireless speakers, easily create a wireless speaker system, with freedom of placement and without inconvenient cables. the Sound Hub Compact delivers your music to the speakers in an uncompressed 24-bit/96 kHz high quality signal, over a range of up to 10m, with no packet loss or radio interference thanks to the error correction technology.

With five inputs available on the Sound Hub Compact, you can easily connect your traditional audio sources to listen over the wireless Oberon C speakers. Two optical inputs connect your digital audio devices, including CD player and TV for improved audio. An HDMI input with ARC lets you connect from a TV, also allowing you extra control over the volume directly from your TV remote. A standard analogue RCA input is included, for connecting a CD player or turntable with phono stage. With Bluetooth wireless connectivity, pair your smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music from any streaming service.

The Sound Hub Compact incorporates a sub output, to add a subwoofer to any pair of Oberon C wireless speakers, for extra low-frequencies, ideal for movies and bass-heavy music. A USB charging port allows you to charge a mobile device when using the Sound Hub Compact.

As its name suggests, the Sound Hub Compact is a small unit, designed to easily sit anywhere in your home. The Sound Hub Compact is key in transmitting your music over a high quality wireless connection to any of the Oberon C wireless speakers, giving you audiophile sound quality from a compact and completely wire-free system.

Dali Oberon On Wall C Wireless Active Speakers features

  • Active speakers with two 50W amplifiers powering the tweeters and woofers
  • Wireless receiver to connect to the DALI Sound Hub Compact
  • 5.25 inch wood-fibre reinforced woofers produce a detailed and dynamic performance
  • SMC technology eliminates mechanical distortion and improves flux field
  • 29mm tweeter uses ultra-lightweight membrane, and is optimised for lower frequencies with a smoother crossover

DALI Sound Hub Compact Wireless Pre-Amplifier features

  • Acts as the wireless hub for the Oberon 7 C, 1 C and On Wall C wireless speakers
  • Uncompressed 24-bit/96 kHz signal transmission
  • Two digital optical inputs for digital audio sources
  • Analogue RCA to connect traditional components
  • HDMI ARC connects to your TV
  • Bluetooth aptX HD and AAC for wireless music streaming
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