Dali Fazon LCR Loudspeaker

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With both stereo and multi-channel setup capabilities, the Dali Fazon LCR Speaker is designed to be not just a speaker, but a part of your home. And with Dali's ingenious Click 'n' Connect wall bracket system, installation is easier than ever.

The Dali Fazon LCR Speaker is not only beautiful, but it boasts a wide range of impressive features that will help to optimise your listening experience. Unlike most dome tweeters that usually measure around 25-26mm in diameter, the Dali Fazon LCR boasts a thin, lightweight 28mm dome. This allows for 25% longer voice coil circumference and better short and long-term power handling. The oversized voice coil also allows for many more benefits, including a reduction in power compression; higher sound pressure levels for a given electrical input; and reduction in resonance frequencies, which allows for improved integration with sound from the mid/woofers and helps to better dynamics of even the deepest tones. The tweeter's low moving mass will make faster reactions on electrical signals that are fed to the voice coil possible, resulting in an even better, more natural character, as well as resolution improvements and attention to even the finest detail and micro dynamics. An aluminium heat sink on the back of the Dali Fazon LCR's magnet system also helps to improve power handling. The Dali Fazon LCR Speaker also homes a pair of 4.5" wood fibre cones. Wood fibres help to stiffen paper cones whilst erasing any ringing tendencies. They are used to reproduce the finest details and dynamics in your music whilst simultaneously ensuring there isn't any loss.

A die-cast aluminium construction material has been used to create the cabinet in order to introduce important mechanical advantages. The high strength of the aluminium used enables the engineers at Dali to create thinner walls, and in doing so, enabling them to use the extra space as a means to utilise the bigger speaker for internal volume. The die-cast process has been used to improve the strength and durability of the cabinet with internal bracings. The sturdier cabinet of the Dali Fazon LCR Speaker allows for more reliable and resonance free bases and supports for the baffle and bracket connection.

With a hassle free click 'n' connect patent pending wall bracket, installation of the Dali Fazon LCR is easier than ever. Simply attach the speaker to the bracket, which has wires fastened onto the gold plated connectors on the back side of the bracket. This allows for hidden, in-wall wiring or on wall wiring. The speaker can be easily and securely fastened onto this bracket - an audible clicking noise will let you know that the Dali Fazon LCR is secure - and vertical and horizontal rotation will not affect polarity. A lock screw is also accessible, enabling you to lock the release button on the speakers for even more security.

  • Sturdy die-cast construction
  • 28mm tweeter
  • Secure and easy installation with Click 'n' Connect wall bracket
  • Wood fibre woofer cones
  • Stylish Danish design

  • More Information
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    385 x 157 x 117
    • Cross Over Frequency
    3,000 Hz
    • Recommended Amp Power
    15 - 120 W
    • Frequency Range at 3dB
    78 - 25,000 (+/-3 dB) [Hz]
    • Enclosure Type
    Closed Box
    • Nominal Impedance
    6 ohms
    • Weight
    3.5 kg
    • Sensitivity
    89.0 (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]
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