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If you're not familiar with Magnepan, let us tell you how much you’re missing out on! Magnepan is one of the classic American high-end-audio brands. The name is a compressed form of magnetic planar, the technology the company's speakers deliver. Magnetic panel loudspeakers have no cabinet or "box," just a framework supporting a tightly stretched, electrically conductive Mylar membrane that is adjacent to arrays of small magnets. The membrane's motion creates the speaker's sound. Since there's no "box" to catch the backwave, a planar-magnetic loudspeaker radiates as much sound to the rear as it does to the front, so you have to place the speakers away from the wall behind them. Placing them near a wall will cause them to not sound the best, so move them around a bit in your room until you get the best sound.

We currently have the Magneplanar .7 and 1.7i speaker ranges in stock and ready for demonstrations at our showroom here in Frank Harvey Hi Fi Excellence, Coventry. The sound is so natural and really takes you away, you can really feel the music, especially tracks that compromise of classical compositions. Each instrument has its own depth and clarity. Since they’re slightly different to your traditional box speaker where the sound is being pushed straight out of the woofers, it might sound a bit uneasy to begin with… but not to worry! Bring your favourite music down to Hifix and come take a listen, these are a true Audiophiles dream speaker! The .7 and 1.7i versions of these speaker are just the entry level range but are the most popular, we can also get the higher end of the range in if you’re interested in purchasing them.

Magneplanar .7 Speaker Black

The Magneplanar MG.7 uses quasi ribbon technology for both the bass/mid-range and the tweeter, to provide coherence across the whole speaker. Quasi ribbon is a deviation from true ribbon design, by using a very thin film backing to hold the delicate ribbons in place. The quasi ribbon delivers extremely wide frequency bandwidth and high power handling, allowing you to hear as much from the music as possible, and performs well at high volumes, without distortion. The use of the ribbon results in seamless clarity with a clear and effortless sound.

The MG.7 speakers are able to produce a wide sweet spot with off-axis placement, when the tweeters are positioned on the outside, allowing for a wider listening area. The imaging remains stable even far off-axis and the .7s have the widest sweet spot of any Magneplanar speakers. With the tweeters placed on the inside, the MG.7 speakers produce a focused central sweet spot.

The Magneplanar MG.7 is hand crafted in the USA with all American parts, featuring either an off-white or black cloth grille and side panel trims in black, silver, oak, dark oak and cherry. The MG.7 is a tall but narrow speaker that aims to be as close to the ideal design of speaker as possible. The MG.7 produces adequate bass for smaller sized rooms, however for those wanting more bass, a bass extension panel, the Magneplanar DWM bass panel delivers deeper bass whilst maintaining the continuity of sound between the magnetic planar speakers.

Magnepan Magneplanar MG DWM Bass Panel

Magneplanar DWM Planar Magnetic Stereo Bass Panel extends the bass response of your Magneplanar speakers, creating smooth and even bass. The DWM Planar Bass Panel is ideal for adding more bass to the MG.7 and MG1.7i when used in larger rooms, or even for the larger MG20.7i for a level and fine-tuned bass performance.

If you want to know more about the amazing technology within these speakers or want to know more, or even have a demonstration, drop us an email or a call and we can help you out!


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