Audioquest Vodka 48 HDMI Cable

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The Audioquest Vodka 48 HDMI Cable is a high quality HDMI cable putting sound first, and able to transfer up to 48Gbps bandwidth and 8K picture quality. Silver-plated copper conductors with direction control allow the Vodka 48 HDMI to dissipate the most radio frequency noise.

The Audioquest Vodka 48 HDMI cable can transfer up to 10K professional Ultra HD video. With 48Gbps bandwidth, the Vodka 48 HDMI uses four pairs of balanced audio/video cables producing 12Gbps each. With tighter manufacturing tolerances, the Vodka 48 HDMI is able to transfer data easily with 48Gbps.

With high bandwidth, the Vodka 48 is able to handle up to 10K Ultra HD video content, with refresh rates of 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz for the highest picture quality with all your sources. Level 3 noise dissipation technologies minimise RF noise with direction controlled conductors, directing any noise away from vulnerable circuits with an additional high loss carbon layer sandwiched between metal layers to enhance noise dissipation.

The Vodka 48 HDMI cable uses thick layers of 10% silver plating long-grain copper conductors, improving noise dissipation and signal transfer over the connectors. The eARC connection in the HDMI cable features the same technologies to ensure the best signal transfer.

Audioquest Vodka 48 HDMI Cable features

  • 48Gbps data transfer
  • Up to 10K professional Ultra HD picture quality
  • Four balanced 12Gbps audio/video cables
  • Level 3 noise dissipation technology to minimise RF noise
  • High loss carbon layer sandwiched between metal for further noise dissipation
  • Direction controlled conductors
  • 10% silver-plated long grain copper conductors for high signal transfer
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