-Yamaha YSP5100 Digital Sound Projector

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The Yamaha YSP5100 Digital sound projector provides many new great features like HD Audio decoding, 1080p-compatible HDMI (4 in/1 out), IntelliBeam, numerous listening modes, UniVolume, AirWired technology for iPod/iPhone.
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-Yamaha YSP5100 Digital Sound Projector

The Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital sound projector ensures that you hear the best possible sound from Blu-ray Disc players, as well as from all other digital sources. It is capable of decoding the two lossless HD Audio formats (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio) as well as the two lossy formats (Dolby Digital Plus and DTS HD High Resolution).

The Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital sound projector achieves true surround sound by directing sound beams off the walls to reach the listener from various angles. The main mode is 5 BeamPlus2 for 7-channel sources. In addition, there is a wide variety of other listening modes. You can select 3 Beam + Stereo + 2, 5 Beam, 3 Beam + Stereo, 3 Beam or Stereo, depending on the type of source and your room acoustics.

The Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital sound projector applies this sophisticated technology to precisely control the orientation of the sound by focusing it through multiple beams. The centre channel sound is heard directly, while sounds from other channels are heard after reflecting off walls. The result is true multi-channel surround sound that sounds just like a multi-speaker system - but without the need for extra speakers!

When the Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital sound projector is connected to a CEC compatible TV, such as a Panasonic VIERA Link TV, the Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital sound projector will turn on and off together with the TV, and you can use the TV remote unit to control the YSP-5100 volume. With CEC engaged, signals will pass through the Yamaha YSP 5100 Digital sound projector even if it is off. CEC also provides advanced functionality with other components.

The Yamaha YSP5100 Digital sound projector provides HDMI connections (4 in/1 out), with support for 1080p resolution. You can connect multiple HDMI sources and enjoy the highest possible video quality when using a 1080p monitor. It is also capable of repeating 1080p/24fps signals from HDMI input to output, maintaining the superior image quality from Blu-ray Disc players and HDTV set top boxes. HDMI also provides the benefits of Deep Colour, x.v.Colour and Auto Lip-Sync

IntelliBeam Automated System Calibration This Yamaha exclusive feature ensures optimum multi-channel sound reproduction with accurate image location. By monitoring and analysing the sound with the microphone included with the Yamaha YSP-5100 Digital sound projector, IntelliBeam automatically sets the best beam angles, while optimising the level and frequency response of each beam. It also offers Direct Start function via remote unit. This makes initial setup both extremely simple and acoustically perfect.

The Yamaha YSP 5100 Digital sound projector provides upconversion of video composite and component signals to HDMI. The signal can then be output via a single HDMI cable to a monitor for enjoying high-definition video quality.

  • HD Audio format decoding: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
  • Versatile listening modes including 7-channel output capability
  • Sensational multi-channel sound from BDs, DVDs and other digital sources
  • 11 CINEMA DSP programmes: Three Movie, three Music and five Entertainment
  • Built-In DSP, Speakers and Digital Amplifiers
  • No need for additional speakers and cables
  • Can be wall mounted or placed on a shelf or rack
  • Design is more elegant, less obtrusive than multiple speaker boxes
  • Thinner than previous models to match the latest slim flat screen TVs
  • Analogue video to HDMI digital video upconversion
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI (4 in/ 1 out) with Deep Colour, X.V Colour, Auto Lip-Sync and CEC functionality
  • IntelliBeam Automated System Calibration
  • AirWired Technology for wireless transmission of uncompressed data
  • UniVolume keeps volume during TV programmes and commercials at the same level
  • iPod/iPhone compatibility via YIT-W10 for remote unit
  • Built-in FM tuner with Radio Data System for Europe
  • Adaptive DRC, Music Enhancer and Bass Extension
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    Brands Yamaha
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Finish
    • Speaker Unit
    4cm X 40 Beam Drivers
    • Amplifier
    120 Watt Total Power
    • Power Consumption
    0.5 Watt (Standby Mode)
    • Weight
    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewYSP-5100 - Convincing virtual surround sound; great punch and detail; huge spec. This is the best virtual surround solution by far that we've come across.

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