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Wide and sturdy enough to support monitors up to 60" wide, the Yamaha YRS-2000 Surround Sound TV Stand also provides plenty of space for other components…..

Wide and sturdy enough to support monitors up to 60" wide, the Yamaha YRS-2000 Surround Sound TV Stand also provides plenty of space for other components. The surround sound unit is housed in the top section, whose top surface is 6mm thick reinforced glass, combining a beautiful appearance with superior durability. The Yamaha YRS-2000 also eliminates the problem of what subwoofer to choose and where to put it -a 50W high performance subwoofer is "hidden" away inside

Without any extra speakers, the Yamaha YRS-2000 provides true multichannel sound that surrounds listeners from all directions. Yamaha's acoustic and DSP expertise allowed the development of technology that uses reflected sound waves to create amazingly lifelike sound. DVD movies and other digital sources sound just the way they are supposed to and even 2-channel sources like TV can be heard in dynamic surround sound.

Yamaha's patented Advanced Active Servo Technology (Advanced YST II) generates incredible bass from small speaker enclosures. This system's advanced negative impedance converters intelligently adjust the negative impedance generation as the driver moves, creating a hard, rigid cone that prevents deep resonant waves from leaking out of the speaker cone. This means the full power of the waves is forced out through the air port, resulting in clear, powerful bass.

The Yamaha YRS-2000 subwoofer employs a high performance, down-firing active design. Even though compact, it delivers impressive bass power and accurate sound reproduction. The down-firing design radiates the sound efficiently in all directions. The linear Port provides smooth bass response and minimises extraneous noise. It also serves to boost the sound output from this compact subwoofer.

The Yamaha YRS-2000 provides dual HDMI inputs and one output, with support for l080p resolution. You can connect two HDMI sources, such as a DVD player and a high-definition set-top box and enjoy the highest possible video quality when using a 1080p monitor. It is also capable of repeating 1080p/24Hz signals from HDMI input to output, maintaining the high image quality from Blu-ray Disc players.

When the Yamaha YRS-2000 is connected to a Panasonic VIERA link TV via HDMI, operating your entire system becomes much more convenient. To watch a Blu-ray Disc, for example, you just press "Play" on the VIERA remote control. The Yamaha YRS-2000 turns on and selects the correct source input, the TV turns on and sets the correct channel for disc play, and the Blu-ray Disc player turns on and begins to play. Instead of three remotes, you just use one remote and press one button.

  • Handsome design with glass top will look elegant in any interior
  • Ideal for large-size LCD or PDP TVs
  • No need for numerous speakers and cables
  • Sensational multi-channel sound form DVDs, digital broadcasting, satellite broadcasting and other digital sources
  • Digital amplifier built in: 112W total power
  • Yamaha Advanced YST II subwoofer with down-firing active design and Linear Port
  • Large range of optimum listening positions thanks to a wider soundstage
  • 1080p-compatible HDMI (2 in/1 out) including 1080p/24Hz repeat
  • IntelliBeam automated system calibration with Direct Start
  • Panasonic VIERA Link compatibility
  • More Information
    Brands Yamaha
    Product Specifications
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    35Hz - 20kHz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Amplifier
    112W Total Power
    • Weight
    • Sensitivity
    1 Vrms
    • Impedance
    32k Ohms

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