-Yamaha PDX50 Portable iPod Dock Bluetooth

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The Yamaha PDX-50 delivers much better sound quality than other wireless systems…..
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-Yamaha PDX50 Portable iPod Dock Bluetooth

There are plenty of iPod dock units that deliver bigger sound from an iPod, including some wireless units. But the Yamaha PDX-50 has got them all beat for quality and convenience. Air wired lossless signal transmission ensures excellent sound quality, while the two 8cm speakers (larger than most other dock units) deliver powerful sound with robust bass. Best of all the Yamaha PDX-50 takes convenience to a new level, the speaker unit can be placed anywhere in the room while the iPod/iPhone can either be carried around with the transmitter or set in the handy cradle. The Yamaha PDX-50 - it's the best choice for iPod listening at home.

The Yamaha PDX-50 delivers much better sound quality than other wireless systems. That's because unlike systems that use Bluetooth technology to send compressed data, the Yamaha PDX-50 uses Air Wired technology to send uncompressed data (linear PCM transmission), so there is no loss of signal data. Add a Yamaha-quality 15W x 2 amplifier and two large 8cm (3-1/4") speaker units, and you have a top-class sound system for enjoying your iPod/iPhone music library.

Unlike Bluetooth systems, no pairing is necessary - you just activate the iPod for a wireless connection. In addition, when you turn the iPod on and off, the speaker unit turns on and off. And you can adjust the speaker volume with the iPod volume control. With most other wireless systems, you have to adjust controls on the speaker unit.

Because it's a wireless system, you can put the speaker unit anywhere - up on top of a bureau or cabinet, in an out-of-the-way corner, etc. The iPod or iPhone connects to the transmitter, which is itself compact, so you can put it down anywhere or carry it around. You can also set the iPod and transmitter in the cradle horizontally for watching videos. And when in the cradle, the iPod/iPhone is charged.

  • Speaker unit can be placed in any out-of-the-way location
  • Easy operation (auto power on/off and volume control sync)
  • Transmitter unit is small enough that you can carry the iPod/iPhone around and talk on the iPhone with the transmitter attached
  • Cradle for setting the iPod/iPhone on a table, etc.
  • Low power consumption
  • Four colour variations to match your iPod and room
  • Uses lossless (uncompressed) signal transmission to achieve wireless sound quality
  • Strong, rich bass sound
  • Perfect synchronisation between sound and image for movies
  • More Information
    Brands Yamaha
    Product Specifications
    • Maximum output level
    2 x 15 Watts
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Frequency Response 1
    60Hz - 20kHz
    • Speaker Type
    8cm (3-1/8") full range
    • Supported iPod/iPhone/iPad
    5th Gen, Classic, Nano, Touch
    • Weight
    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewPDX50 - Lossless wireless transmission; great sound for a dock; sensibly small transmitter
    What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2009What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2009PDX50 - Best Dock System £100.00 to £300.00

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