-Yamaha NSPA120 5.0 Speaker System

The Yamaha NS-F120 5.1 speaker package of stylishly flat speakers is designed to nicely complement any flat-screen TV
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-Yamaha NSPA120 5.0 Speaker System

The Yamaha NS-F120 5.1 speaker package of stylishly flat speakers is designed to nicely complement any flat-screen TV. Capable of sound quality good enough for enjoying HD sources, it also delivers generous bass output. The Yamaha NS-F120 5.1 speaker package has an elegantly flat shape, measuring only 9.6cm (3-3/4") deep. This makes it a perfect match for flat-screen TVs. Place one on each side of the TV for a stylish system that looks great in any room.

The Yamaha NSF120 has a triangular stand with rounded corners that makes it easy to position the speaker, even along a wall where the available space is narrow. The stand is also convenient for placing the speaker in a corner of the room.

These speakers will fit easily on a rack, bookshelf or other convenient location. Their thin design also makes them easy to mount on a wall.

High quality parts and design enable the Yamaha NS PA 120 to deliver the full sound potential of high definition sources such as Blu-ray Disc. Even if you do not currently use these sources, you may in the future, so your speakers have to be able to clearly reproduce the extra clarity that they provide.

Even with its flat shape, the Yamaha NS-F120 has a large volume cabinet for powerful sound output. Made of real wood, it features a bass reflex port for enhanced bass sound. The rounded shape allows the sound to disperse smoothly for natural, full-bodied bass.

  • Flat shape matches the look of flat-screen TVs
  • The NS-F120 has a space-saving stand that allows it to be neatly installed along a wall
  • The NS-B120 and NS-C120 can be placed on a shelf or rack or be mounted on a wall
  • High sound quality design capable of dynamic reproduction of HD sources
  • The NS-F120 uses a high volume, wood cabinet and round bass reflex port to deliver dynamic sound and strong bass
  • Two 6.5cm (2-1/2") cone woofers and 2cm (3/4") silk dome tweeter provide natural, well-balanced sound
  • NS-C120 centre speaker outputs clear dialogue and vocals aimed directly at the viewer
  • Large, threaded, gold-plated speaker jacks ensure best sound quality
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