-Yamaha CXA5000 Processor Pre Amplifier

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Absolute Quality, Absolute Realism. The Yamaha CX-A5000 AV Preamplifier is the pinnacle of the AVENTAGE Series.

The Yamaha CX-A5000 Preamplifier utilises the most sophisticated engineering and technology, as well as traditional craftsmanship, for pure sound reproduction. Making full use of CINEMA DSP HD3, the pinnacle of 3-dimensional sound field reproduction, it realises detailed, accurate sound imaging. Combined with the MX-A5000 11-channel Power Amplifier, it achieves overwhelming silence and sound filled with dynamic feeling. It also offers advanced video processing technology, versatile network capability with a wide range of content access and app control, and flexible system configuration that benefits from advanced HDMI Zone switching.

All channels in the Yamaha CX-A5000 Preamplifier use ultra-high performance ESS ES9016 DACs, which provide 192kHz/32-bit compatible high SN ratio and dynamic range, ensuring that it can faithfully reproduce audio signals from Blu-ray and high quality signals from high resolution sound sources input through networks. Matched to the design of the DAC circuit, which achieves stable ground potential (DAC on Pure Ground), they ensure high precision D/A conversion. The OP amp in the Yamaha CX-A5000 AV Preamplifier is a high grade type adopted only by flagship models, for maximum signal purity. It realises even more detailed sound by adopting a three-layer circuit board design that completely separates the digital, analogue video and analogue audio circuit boards, which have different noise levels and frequency bands, and by a design that provides the shortest possible circuit route. Further, by separating the power supplies to the analogue circuit boards, it eliminates high frequency noise interference from the digital circuits. The shielded power supply restricts noise radiation and the large power transformer minimises vibration.

An ultra-high performance ESS Technology 192 kHz/32 bit ES9016 DAC produces an unsurpassed sound stage with up to 124 dB dynamic range, super low distortion and noise level. This top-end quality DACs are used even for front and rear presence speakers. The sound reproduction of the Yamaha CX-A5000 Preamplifier is for the most discriminating of listeners.

Electrical noise may be generated due to connection with other AV components and even to the connection between the pre-amplifier and power amplifier, as well as from other sources of external noise. To ensure that the Yamaha CX-A5000 Preamplifier and MX-A5000 Power Amplifier are not affected by this distortion, they use balanced connections that are highly noise resistant - the same type generally used in pro audio equipment. Even the RCA unbalanced connection uses a ground sensing transmission method that achieves simple balanced transmission. In cases such as that where each channel with the XLR is used selectively, the impact of noise flowing between the preamp and the chassis of the power amp is removed, minimising sound quality deterioration due to the connection. The Yamaha CX-A5000 AV Preamplifier also allows balanced audio input connection to high grade source components such as CD players.

As part of the no-compromise design policy, Yamaha created an advanced chassis with strong rigidity. The chassis stiffness of the Yamaha CX-A5000 Preamplifier is enhanced by an H-shaped cross frame that boosts mechanical strength, by adopting aluminium side panels that increase the stiffness of the housing, and by a three-ply structure with independent top cover and side panels. Any external vibration from the rack or other sources is damped by heavy insulators. The A.R.T (Anti-Resonance Technology) Wedge in the centre of the bottom cover acts as an additional vibration countermeasure and firmly supports the internal circuits and delicate parts. In addition, this model has a double bottom chassis and rigid bottom frame to further enhance chassis rigidity of the Yamaha CX-A5000 AV Preamplifier and reduce the transmission of vibration produced by the large power supply and other internal components.

CINEMA DSP HD3 onboard the Yamaha CX-A5000 Preamplifier literally takes the surround sound experience to new heights. By using four CINEMA DSP engines with advanced 3D processing and four presence channels in an 11-channel configuration, it gives the sound an enhanced vertical dimension. You are enveloped in wide, high and dense sound fields that deliver excitingly realistic surround sound. In addition, a rear Virtual Presence Speaker has been added to the usual front Virtual Presence Speaker, so you can enjoy CINEMA DSP HD3 programmes on the Yamaha CX-A5000 AV Preamplifier using a 9-channel system (without rear presence speakers) with almost the same sensational sound as an 11-channel system.

The broad array of surround sound programmes on the Yamaha CX-A5000 Preamplifier features six Movie choices, including Spectacle for movies with strong visual and audio impact, Sci-Fi for SFX movies, Adventure to emphasise the sound of action movies, and Drama. Seven Entertainment programmes match the audio characteristics of sources such as sports, music videos, action games and roleplaying games. Compatibility with standard and high definition Dolby and DTS sound formats means that you hear the full potential of every movie and music source with the Yamaha CX-A5000 AV Preamplifier.

  • AVENTAGE Concept 11.2-channel AV Preamplifier
  • XLR balanced connection (11-channel pre-out and 2-channel input)
  • ESS 9016 DAC for all channels including front and rear presence channels
  • Cinema DSP HD3 with 33 DSP programmes
  • High density presence and richly detailed sound ensured by high sound quality parts and design
  • Specially designed high rigidity chassis eliminates the effects of vibration for greater sound purity
  • Network functions such as AirPlay, Napster music streaming service (service availability varies by region)
  • MHL supports full HD video and audio from mobile phones and portable devices
  • AV Controller app for operating various functions from a smartphone or tablet
  • FLAC or WAV 192kHz / 24-bit audio playback
  • High-resolution Music Enhancer further heightens musicality from the original content
  • 4K Ultra HD Pass-through and Up-scaling
  • Yamaha video processing optimises video content
  • HDMI (8 in [1 on front] ) / 2 out) with 3D and Audio Return Channel
  • Advanced HDMI Zone Switching allows unprecedented AV switching to multiple zones
  • Versatile Zone control up to four Zones including party mode
  • YPAO R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) sound optimisation with multi-point / speaker angle measurement
  • Full LED Backlight Learning and Pre-set Remote Unit
  • 12v trigger control for system automation
  • More Information
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    192mm x 435mm x 448mm
    • Digital Output
    1x Optical
    • D to A Converter
    ESS 9016
    • 12v Trigger Terminal
    In, Out and Through Out
    • Number of Channels
    • HDMI Inputs
    8x Rear, 1x Front
    • HDMI Outputs
    2x Rear
    • Digital Signal Processing
    Cinema DSP HD3
    • Auto Calibration by MIC
    YPAO R.S.C
    • AM/FM tuner
    • Analog L&R In
    9x RCA, 1x XLR
    • Analog L&R Out
    1x RCA
    • Multi-Channel In
    • Headphone Out
    1x Front
    • Digital Input
    3x RCA, 4x Optical
    • Weight

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