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Whether you're playing digital music, streaming audio, internet radio, Dolby® Digital or DTS® Surround Sound the Pro Hi Fi link will do it
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The Pro HiFi-Link isn't just a means of hooking up your computer and home stereo, it's a revolutionary way of turning your computer into a high fidelity audio component. It's designed to extend your computer's capabilities by adding superior studio based digital technology.

Whether you're playing digital music, streaming audio, internet radio, Dolby® Digital or DTS® Surround Sound, the advanced architecture of the Pro HiFi-Link ensures perfect clarity and unbelievable imaging every time. One look at the included cables tells you the Pro HiFi-Link means business and delivers on its promise of absolute audio perfection.

Check out these advanced features: Digitally connect a desktop or notebook to your home audio system and turn it into a piece of high fidelity stereo equipment with the ability to find, store and play massive amounts of music.

Extend your computer's capabilities - play DVDs and send Dolby® Digital or DTS® Surround Sound data to your receiver for the most amazing home theatre experience. Use the power of your home stereo to play Internet radio, streaming audio and downloaded files such as MP3s, WMA, WAV, Real, Liquid and all other formats. Bypass inferior soundcards with advanced USB rendering technology. Keep your music completely digital for the ultimate in audio performance. Cut out distortion and interference - enjoy crystal clear sound without any annoying hiss.

Experience true plug'n'play simplicity - plug the Pro HiFi-Link into a USB port and watch it automatically install without the need for any special drivers.

Works with all audio formats and Windows compatible media players including: Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealAudio Player, LiquidAudio Player, MusicMatch Jukebox, and many others. Comes with all interconnection cables, including 30 feet of optical digital cable, 30 feet of coaxial digital cable, and 30 feet of fully shielded studio grade RCA cable.

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