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The Trichord Research Dino Mk2 Phono Stage is a high performance phono amplifier, designed for transparency and realism, supplied with a Trichord in-line 40VA power supply unit
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The Trichord Research Dino Mk2 Phono Stage is a high performance phono amplifier, designed for transparency and realism. It will maximise the performance of a wide range of quality cartridges from ultra-low output Moving Coils to high output Moving Magnet types.

The Trichord Dino Mk2 Phono Stage is user adjustable with a set of four DIP switches on the underside of the unit for ease of access. These switches allow for adjustment of cartridge loading and gain setting. The circuitry is signal non-inverting and constructed using high performance, audio grade bipolar and JFET operational amplifiers, metal oxide resistors and ultra low impedance capacitors throughout for lowest possible noise.

The RIAA equalisation network is fully passive and located between two active gain stages. The capacitors and resistors used in this stage are very close tolerance audiophile types. Two state of the art ultra low impedance, low noise wide-band voltage regulators are employed to power both channels and are largely responsible for the high sonic performance of the Dino

The Toroidal Power Supply provided with the Trichord Research Dino Mk2 Phono Stage is provided as a low cost introduction to the unit. It is assumed that the owner of this power supply will eventually upgrade to the 'Dino+' power supply or, for ultimate performance the 'Never Connected' PSU.

The ABS moulded housing of the power supply contains an in-line low noise 40VA toroidal transformer. AC current is fed to the Dino where it is rectified to DC and regulated with two high performance, wide banwidth Super Regulators.

  • Complete with small in-line 40VA toroidal PSU - 230V and 110V versions available
  • This is the best 'Value for money' product that Trichord make
  • Superb sound at an affordable price
  • Will work with a wide range of Moving Coil and Moving Magnet cartridges
  • Switchable Gain, Switchable Loading
  • On - board 'Super' low noise, wide bandwidth voltage regulators
  • Discrete transistor 'Class A' output stage for top quality sound
  • The casework is now in a dark coloured acrylic as shown
  • More Information
    Brands Trichord
    Product Specifications
    • Capacitance
    MM 100pF
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Cartridge Loading
    MC 1.1nF
    • AC Supply Requirements
    0 - 17V
    • DC Supply Requirements
    0 - 22V
    • RIAA Characteristics
    20Hz - 20kHz
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    • Company No. 2540830
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