Trichord Diablo Phono Stage with in-line Toroidal PSU Silver

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With an audiophile grade circuitry implemented throughout, the Trichord Diablo is a phono amplifier that will offer the ultimate in transparency and realism.

Trichord Diablo Phono Stage with in-line Toroidal PSU Silver

The Trichord Diablo is an audiophile grade phono amplifier that supplements ultimate transparency and realism. This in-line Toroidal PSU comes with a wide range of high performance phono cartridges. From ultra-low output moving coils to high output moving magnets, the Trichord Diablo runs efficiently.

This phono stage accepts a variety of MM and MC cartridges with adjustments for amplifier gain and cartridge loading on the underside of the unit. The four high-speed, low-noise voltage regulators within the Diablo are known to turn into a dual mono design in a box. With the non-ferrous cabinet made of aluminium, it helps with the reduction of eddy current propagation that can affect sound reproduction.

RIAA equalization network is part passive and part active, and the capacitors and resistors of this inline Torodial PSU are close tolerance audiophile types. The Diablo’s circuitry has been constructed using audio grade bipolar and JEFT operational amplifiers from Analog Devices and Linear Technology.

The Diablo’s power supply of 230V is provided via a UK or European mains plug, and 115V with a USA style mains plug. The Trichord phono stage works with AC supply or DC supply with two independent supplies of 0v / 18v ac, 0v / 18v ac and 0v /-22vdc , 0v / +22vdc respectively.

The switches on the Diablo allow for adjustment of cartridge setting and gain setting. The NCPSU (Never Connected Power Supply Unit) for Trichord Diablo uses completely different electronics than any conventional DC power supply. Reduction of mains borne noise is powerful, making the device give its best.

  • 230V power supply through UK and EU mains, 115V via US mains
  • Switch between cartridge and gain settings easily
  • Works with AC or DC power supply
  • Audiophile grade phono amplifier
  • Inline toroidal PSU included
More Information
Brands Trichord
Product Specifications

Switch Selectable Cartridge Resistance Loading

(DIP 1 and 2)

33 ohms - For MC cartridges

100 ohms - For MC cartridges

1000 ohms - For MC cartridges

47,000 ohms - For MM + some MC cartridges



Switch Selectable Capacitance Loading

(DIP 1 and 2)



100pF - for MM and MC cartridges

1000pF - for MC cartridges


Switch Selectable Gain

(DIP 3 and 4)


Cartridge Type                  Sensitivity

MC Very Low:                    100uV - 250uV (74dB)

MC Low:                              250 - 400uV (70dB)

MC Normal:                        400uV - 1mV (63dB)

MC High/MM Low:          1 to 3mV (52dB)

MM High:                            3 to 5mV (48dB)



RIAA Reproduction Characteristics



20Hz to 20,000Hz  +/-0.25dB

Output voltage: 0.5V at 1KHz



Power Supply Requirements


The Diablo can be powered from either an AC or a DC power supply.


AC requirements:

Two independent supplies of:        

0v / 18v ac,        0v / 18v ac.


DC requirements:

Two independent supplies of:        

0v /-22vdc ,      0v  / +22vdc


To avoid problems only use Trichord power supplies



Dimensions and Weight


Overall case dimensions for Diablo:       

185mm x 58mm x 112mm (D x H x W)


Standard AC PSU

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