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The Teac Reference 600 HiFi system + Monitor Audio BR5 floor standing speakers
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The Teac Reference 600 HiFi System is made up of 2 parts; the AG-H600DNT stereo receiver and the PD-H600. Both are superb quality hi-fi components irrespective of their size. Starting with the AGH600DNT receiver, you'll find a powerful receiver with a genuine 75 watt output - very good for a full size amplifier, exceptional for a mini one. With its toroidal power transformer and selected audiophile components, the Teac Reference 600 HiFi System is as much about quality as it is power output. Aside from the audiophile quality amplifier, the AGH600DNT has a pretty nifty tuner function. As you'd expect there's DAB, FM and AM radio. Perhaps less expected is the Wi-Fi access to Internet radio. Simply link the Teac Reference 600 HiFi System to your home network via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi and you can enjoy literally thousands of radio stations from around the world. In addition to this fantastic flexibility, the AG-H600DNT boasts just as many connections as a full size receiver or amp. A turntable and auxiliary source can be plugged in, as can as iPod via the optional DS-20 docking station. Once connected, you can access the iPod's playlists via the remote control

Moving on to the PD-H600 CD player and you'll find a similarly high quality device. The aluminium die-cast CD lens cabinet and symmetrical board layout demonstrates the sort of engineering quality more usually found on much more expensive CD players. Both optical and coaxial digital outputs are available. Just as with the receiver, the CD player is beautifully built. A thick, brushed aluminium front panel and sturdy casing make the Teac Reference 600 HiFi System not only one of the best sounding mini hi-fi systems but also one of the best finished

Reflecting the spirit and ambition of the Monitor Audio Bronze Reference range, the BR5 is a wholesale re-working of the established Bronze 4 floor-standing model. Monitor Audio have slimmed down the cabinet for a more desirable profile, replacing the larger drivers of the B4 with potent 5.5" bass and bass/mid-range designs, which provide a remarkable blend of punch, deep bass extension and control. The BR5's 21/2-way system is optimised by utilising an integral structure of dedicated driver chambers, hitherto employed exclusively by our more expensive loudspeakers. Benefiting from additional cross-bracing, the BR5's cabinet is especially rigid, liberating its sound from the boxy colourations that afflict lesser designs. The result is an astonishing mix of clarity, exuberance and power from a deceptively slender loudspeaker, which transcends the conventional understanding of 'entry-level'.

  • 75W + 75W (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.5% THD)
  • DAB/AM/FM RDS and Internet radio tuner
  • 6 input selector: phono, tuner, CD, iPod, AUX
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Toroidal-core Power Transformer
  • Direct FET Power MOSFET
  • Balance & 3-band Tone Control, Tone Direct
  • Dot-matrix FL Display with Dimmer
  • System Remote control
  • Optional iPod Dock (DS-20, sold separately)
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