-Teac LPR550 Turntable CD Recorder + AM/FM + USB Black

With a CD recorder, AM/FM radio, cassette player and USB media playback, the Teac LPR550 Turntable encapsulates everything any music lover could wish for.

The Teac LPR550 Turntable boasts a CD recorder, AM/FM radio, cassette player, computer interface and USB port for media playback, making it any music lovers dream. Place your favourite record on the three-speed turntable, drop the needle, insert a blank CD into the disc drawer, hit record and transfer all you beloved vinyl music to CD, after which you can transfer to the computer as MP3 files for listening on the move. The Teac LPR550 Turntable is ingenious in its ability to transfer from analogue to digital and enables the user to never be too far from their music, and it's even more impressive that it is achievable with such ease. An additional AM/FM radio and cassette tape player/recorder further widens the range of music or radio shows you can record and listen to later. Automatic or Manual designation of track numbers makes transferring your songs in the correct order easy, and allows for customisation of track listing.

The Teac LPR550 Turntable's built-in speakers allow the user to listen to their music without the need for connection of external speakers, and the inclusion of a headphone output will enable private listening. With a USB port included, the Teac LPR550 Turntable allows for audio recording of CDs, vinyl records, cassette tapes, or AM/FM radio stations straight to your Mac or Windows PC software, cutting out the middle man and converting to MP3 format for a quick and easy transfer to your mobile device, meaning you will be up and about with your music playing in no time. Not only does the Teac LPR550 Turntable do all of this, but it also produces crystal clear, high quality audio thanks to the bass-reflex type speakers that boost low frequencies, ensuring quality recording and playback of all your tracks.

A bright LCD display is easy to read and provides track information, run time and listen time. Clearly marked and frequently used buttons help for ease of use. A wireless remote control is included as standard, allowing for control of the Teac LPR550 Turntable from the comfort of your chair. Styluses for use with EP records are also compatible (sold separately).

  • Record your vinyl / CD collection, cassette tapes and radio stations
  • Direct transfer to your MAC or PC
  • AM/FM radio
  • Cassette tape player /recorder
  • Automatic or manual track number designation

  • More Information
    Product Specifications
    • Signal to noise ratio
    CD Recorder Section: More than
    • Freqency repsonse
    50 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    230 x 470 x 390
    • Power Output
    3.5 W + 3.5 W
    • Audio Output
    1 RCA
    • Power Consumption
    25 W
    • Weight
    11 kg
    • Frequency range
    87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz (FM) 522
    • Power Requirements
    AC 230 V, 50 Hz

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