The Tannoy Arena HighLine 300 Floor stand system is built in a satin finish and utilises discrete driver technology and Wideband tweeters, available in black or silver……
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The Tannoy Arena HighLine 300 floor stand system is not just another home theatre speaker system- it's a Tannoy - clearly not just another speaker company. Tannoy loudspeaker engineering skills are legendary. Tannoy studio monitors, used throughout the professional recording world, have played a leading role in the audio production of many blockbuster movies.

Tannoy never cuts corners when it comes to loudspeaker design …carefully and painstakingly rounded off …but never cut. The Tannoy Arena HighLine 300 floor stand system is lavishly finished in silky smooth matt silver or black to beautifully enhance any contemporary surroundings. When it comes to setting up a home theatre, obviously a great picture is essential. But to achieve the full scale and impact of the movie experience, the soundtrack should get equal billing.

The Tannoy Arena HighLine 300 floor mount system speakers a multi driver array comprising two 75mm (3") midrange units, two 75mm (3") bass units and one 19mm (0.75") ultra high frequency Super Tweeter™ is used in the elegantly slim and compact HighLine 300 series. Using exactly the same driver complement in each of the loudspeakers within the full system ensures a synergy of sound which is a crucial element for the very best home theatre experience.

Extending the bandwidth of the loudspeakers by using a Super Tweeter ensures enhanced intelligibility by providing a more focussed sound stage through superior spatial imaging. Vocals and instruments are clearly more separate and distinct and percussive sounds have more reality and impact.

With the Tannoy Arena Highline 300 Tannoy have mounted the high frequency unit centrally between two midrange drivers creates a larger radiating area and controls tweeter dispersion off axis. Technically known as a D'Appolito driver configuration, this system provides a greater uniform coverage area of the sound. This means that the whole family gets an equal share of the full home theatre experience and not just the person sat in the middle of the sofa!

For maximum acoustic integrity of the drive units the already robust cabinet is further internally braced at strategic points throughout its length to ensure perfect reproduction. So even if the postman rings twice …you'll hear exactly what you're meant to.

The versatility of the Tannoy Arena HighLine 300 is exemplified by the breadth of choice of system options open to you. You may wish to opt for one of the two recommended speaker configurations, but the system has been designed to precisely adapt to your installation needs.

  • 4 x Tannoy Arena Highline 300 floor standing speakers
  • 1 x Tannoy Arena Highline 300 centre speaker
  • 1 x Tannoy Arena Highline TS300 subwoofer
  • Speaker wall mounts included
  • Extra thick walled enclosure extrusion
  • 19mm (0.75") Super Tweeter™
  • One of two 75mm (3") midrange drivers in D'Appolito configuration
  • Tannoy DMT™ (Differential Material Technology) cabinet bracing
  • Drive unit shielding
  • More Information
    Brands Tannoy
    Product Specifications
    • Sub enclosure type
    Closed Box
    • Sub frequency response
    • Sub dimensions (HxWxD)
    • Subwoofer Output
    300 RMS
    • Satellite Sensitivity
    • Satellite Impedance
    8 Ohms
    • Satellite Dimensions
    • Satellite Frquency Response
    80Hz - 62kHz
    • Satellite Rec Amp Power
    25 - 75 Watts

    Warranty information for Tannoy Speakers:

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    Tannoy products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. However, if something does go wrong with the product we are here to help. From your date of purchase your product is warranted against faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 60 months for Speakers and 12 months for Sub Woofers.

    This guarantee applies to all Tannoy Products including 5.1 Speaker Systems Book Shelf and Floor Standing Speakers, Sub Woofers Rear Surround Speakers. Providing you with peace of mind and the assurance of premium Quality.

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