-Tangent Trio DAB Radio Red (Open Box)

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The Tangent Trio combines analogue and digital sources along with a digital clock radio. This captivating collection consists of FM and DAB/DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) with DMB.
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-Tangent Trio DAB Radio Red (Open Box)

Everyone likes good music and the variety of radio stations from which they can choose. Recent technological advancements have created a range of stations which would stun generations of radio listeners before us.

Quite literally at the core of things, the DAB/FM tuner with accompanying display allows reception of both types of signals, ranging from dedicated music, talk, or even genre-based stations.

What’s more, Tangent Trio uses DAB’s strengths in order to display information including the name of the station you’re tuned to, information about the song that’s currently playing, what’s coming up next, or a whole lot more.

The alarm clock features a gentle start-up and snooze functions, perfect for a sweet beginning of each day. Excellent sonic performance rounds out the experience. Take full advantage of DAB or DAB+’s superior sound with a superior sounding radio: Tangent Trio.

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