-Tag Mclaren DVD32R Silver (Open Box)

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The DVD32R is a DVD player of outstanding video and audio quality, is easy to setup and use, and exceeds the high THX Ultra standard.

The DVD32R uses a top loading transport, allowing its drive motor and servo electronics to be mounted to a heavy, mass loaded sub-chassis. Advanced interface circuitry reduces rise and fall times whilst preventing waveform discontinuities, reducing the demand on the digital interconnects. When used with the AV32R T2L allows the AV32R to fix its clock to provide a low noise, ultra low jitter reference. The result is improved data integrity, reduces jitter and better sound.

There are many DVD kits available, pre-packaged solutions around which manufacturers simply add their own casework and logo. A quick and easy route to adding a DVD player to a product range, but fundamentally products with inevitable performance compromises. Very few high-end audio manufacturers are prepared to devote the time and resources necessary to produce a player from the ground up, but for TAG McLaren this was the only way to achieve the performance which is possible with the DVD format.

TAG McLaren worked closely with National Semiconductor's field-leading subsidiary Mediamatics, in finding the best MPEG decoder. After long evaluation Pantera-DVD™, the first IC to integrate all back-end functions of a DVD player onto a single chip, was selected. This unrivalled level of integration includes host processing, a 32-bit RISC processor, 10-bit video DACs and the NTSC/PAL encoders. The video circuitry uses broadcast quality components, with video outputs being individually buffered and vertical and anti-flicker filtering to deliver high quality graphics. An in-built test-patterns and electronics test circuitry assist in calibrating the tv for best picture quality.

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