-Standby Saver 6 Way Socket

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The Standby Saver cuts 100% of the standby power used by TV, Hi-Fi VCRs DVD, PC and peripherals. As seen on Dragons Den
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-Standby Saver 6 Way Socket

The Standby Saver cuts 100% of the standby power used by TVs, Hi-Fis, VCRs, DVDs, PCs and peripherals. The unit consumes less than 1 Watt and therefore meets the requirements for power usage of the Energy Saving Trust approval scheme.

The Standby Saver is a 6-way electrical extension with two 'switchable' sockets, which can be in Standby Saver control or permanently switched on. This flexibility allows DVD and video appliances set to record on timers, to be left switched on when required. The unit allows for up to and including 6 electrical items to be connected and therefore one unit in a lounge can save the standby power of a TV, DVD, Freeview box, two games consoles and an audio system.

The installation of one Standby Saver in the average home will therefore save 100s of standby hours every month for each of the appliances plugged in. In one year alone there could be a saving of more than £43 based on current electricity prices.

According to research supported by the Energy Saving Trust, the total UK costs of running standby power for TVs, Hi Fis, VCRs and DVDs is over £572 million worth of electricity, whose generation would produce 3.1 million tonnes of C02 emissions. If 10 million Standby Savers were installed then £370 million worth of electricity costs would be saved, as would 2 million tonnes of C02 emissions!

The Standby Saver is available in two versions: one for use with Infra red remote controlled electrical appliances, the second for use with USB port products.

Infra red version The Infra red version can be operated using any appliance that is controlled with an Infra red remote control. The Infra red unit works with your existing remote control and learns signals from it. Using the Standby Saver extension after a small delay the power to all devices is switched off. When switched back on using the Infra red remote, Standby Saver returns power to all the equipment.

USB version The USB version can be operated with any device that has a USB port such as a home or office PC. Standby Saver uses intelligent technology to realise the computer and peripherals are no longer being used and switch them off.

  • Unlike other products on the market, Standby Saver completely cuts off power to all appliances in standby mode and requires no additional remote control.
  • Standby Saver is easy to use. The infra-red version takes just 15 seconds to learn the remote control signal and commands. The USB version is all ready to go.
  • Standby Saver is a 6-way electrical extension with two 'switchable' sockets allowing flexibility for appliances with a timer function.
  • Standby Saver satisfies above and beyond all applicable safety standards, includes the British Gas Energy for Tomorrow badge endorsement and has EST approval pending.
  • Cuts 100% of the standby power used by TVs,Hi Fis, VCRs and DVDs. Cuts 100% of the power to PCs, printers, scanners and speakers.
  • Standby saver works with the consumer's remote control to switch on and off any appliances plugged into the unit, therefore ensuring zero energy consumption all the time the appliances are in standby mode.
  • When applied to the USB version, Standby Saver uses intelligent technology to detect the Computer and peripherals are no longer being used and switch them off.
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