-Spendor Classic R SP3/1R² Bookshelf Speakers Cherry (Pair)

The Spendor Classic R SP3/1R² are compact speakers with high power handling and a natural sound that belies its size
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The Spendor Classic R SP3/1R² are compact speakers with high power handling and a natural sound that belies its size, the Spendor SP3/1R² bookshelf speaker's draws together some of the most advanced features of Spendor designs resulting in a compact, high quality monitor loudspeaker.

Loudspeakers of this size normally have difficulty in delivering a consistent sound across the frequency range, adding unnecessary colouration and dynamic inequalities to the stereo image but this is not the case with the Spendor Classic SP3 1R².

The latest Spendor Classic R² version features a new bass/mid driver with an uprated voice coil and linear flux motor system. A low velocity large area reflex port compliments the improved low frequency alignment. Spendor's wide-surround tweeter now brings a new level of clarity to this classic design.

The new revision R2 raises the performance substantially with the introduction of a 22mm wide-surround tweeter, a new 18cm Spendor bass-mid drive unit, revised crossover and re-aligned low frequency response. These improvements take advantage of many engineering and sound quality improvements which Spendor has recently developed for new models like the Spendor SA1, A5 and A6. Despite the clearly audible improvements Spendor has not lost sight of the challenge - to improve this Classic design without losing the warmth and charm of the original.

Revised cone piston profile in LF/MF driver (smoother mid to HF decoupling)

Spendor ep38 polymer cone replaces HP polypropylene cone material in LF/MF driver (significantly reduced colouration and better low frequency performance)

Modern die-cast magnesium alloy chassis replaces 70's plastic design [rigid and resonance free, reduced colouration]

New stable surround and improved suspension for bass-mid driver [improved linearity, clearer sweeter ]

Magnet motor pole phase correction device in LF/MF driver (linear phase in the crossover region)

38mm voice coil (was 25mm) [Improved dynamic range, lower distortion]

22mm wide-surround tweeter, improved frequency response especially in lower operating range

Revised crossover layout with gold plated signal tracks (improved signal conductivity)

Higher saturation crossover inductors (improved overhead)

Revised crossover alignment (phase aligned driver integration)

High grade silver plated internal cables (clean signal path)

New low frequency alignment with large diameter free-flow reflex port [improved bass response]

Rubberised cabinet damping pads (improved cabinet to damping

More Information
Brands Spendor
Product Specifications
  • Freqency repsonse
65Hz - 20kHz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
  • HF Driver
22mm Wide-Surround Dome
  • LF Driver
180mm Polymer Cone
  • Enclosure Type
  • Weight
  • Sensitivity
  • Impedance
8 Ohms
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