-ATC C1 Subwoofer

The ATC C1 subwoofer, featuring a traditionally-styled enclosure and real wood veneer, can be easily integrated into any interior
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-ATC C1 Subwoofer

The ATC C1 subwoofer forms part of the ATC Concept 1 multichannel speaker system offering a cleverly balanced and naturally sounding subwoofer. The ATC C1 provides subwoofer both the weight and finest scale of any reproduction available, accompanied by the ATC SCM7 and the ATC C3 centre speaker the ATC C1 subwoofer will provide with a full range multichannel AV speaker system.

The ATC C1 subwoofer is manufactured in house to exacting tolerances; ATC's drivers are legendary for their many design innovations. It has long been recognized that the detrimental effects of magnetic hysteresis is a significant factor in the production of distortion in loudspeaker drive units. With the clever use of revolutionary materials developed for the communications industry, the problem has been solved for all time in the form of ATC's SL drive units. They are unique not only in their ability to accurately reproduce piano, but also the precise manner in which they articulate male voices.

The ATC C1 subwoofer, featuring a traditionally-styled enclosure and real wood veneer, can be easily integrated into any interior. The ATC C1's compact design lends itself perfectly to smaller installations up to approximately 25 square metres

  • Designed to match ATC's entry level speakers to be used in a multichannel set-up
  • Exceptional stereo and multichannel performance
  • Frequency Response 19Hz - 250Hz
  • Available in Black Ash or Cherrywood

  • More Information
    Brands ATC
    Product Specifications
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    20Hz - 250Hz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • LF Driver
    • Amplifier
    200 Watts
    • Weight
    • Sensitivity
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