-Sony VPL-VW570ES 4K Projector

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The Sony VPL-VW570ES 4K UHD Projector displays 4K content in your home with truly cinematic quality, using native 4K SXRD panels for four times the definition of Full HD, High Dynamic Contrast and an 1800 lumen bulb brightness for incredibly lifelike colour and images.

SXRD Panels

The VPL-VW570ES 4K Projector features Sony’s advanced Silicon X-tal Reflective Display panel technology which is capable of delivering native 4K resolution images, more than four times the resolution of Full HD pictures. The SXRD panel technology creates fine details, without jagged edges or visible pixels for a clear and natural image. The latest SXRD panels deliver better contrast than ever, offering rich, deep blacks and clear cinematic motion and smoothness of image. The reflective silicon layer has been improved which now means the projector displays even better light control, precisely reproducing shadows and blacks. 

Reality Creation

Exclusive Reality Creation technology on the Sony VPL-VW570ES analyses images down to every pixel and uses powerful pattern matching algorithms that have been developed from years of movie production to enhance the images for sharper edges and crispness without increasing the noise of the digital picture. The projector can also upscale Full HD content such as HD Blu-ray and DVD movies into near 4K quality. The TRILUMINOS colour, with more colour and texture reproduction than standard projectors is incorporated into the VPL-VW570ES. True-to-life colours and glorious bright hues are beautifully displayed, depicting landscapes and scenes with faithful and vivid reproduction. The High Dynamic Range compatibility gets the most out of 4K images, with an expanded brightness, and more contrast for images from Blu-ray and streaming services. HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma are both supported for the latest connectivity, so the home cinema projector can produce enlightening colour and contrast in your home. The VPL-VW570ES contains HDMI 18Gbps, to allow for uninterrupted 4K HDR 60Hz with smoother expressions.

4K Motionflow

The video processing element of the VPL-VW570ES uses Motionflow for a smooth and clear motion picture, even with 4K content. Motionflow adds frames to reduce blur, whilst simultaneously maintaining brightness, making it ideal for fast moving content such as sports and high-octane movies. The function can be switched to True Theatre mode to maintain cinema standard 24 frames per second for purists.

Picture Position Memory

The VPL-VW570ES uses picture position memory to store settings for all your favourite setups, allowing you to easily watch movies in the ideal format for up to five different screen formats. Picture Position Memory recalls key settings, such as aspect ratios including 16:9, and Cinemascope for easy access to the best viewing. Nine calibrated picture modes are included, to quickly adjust the picture to the content you’re watching. Select between two theatre film modes, cinema digital, TV and more for the perfect viewing experience. An advanced Hue Saturation Value tool for colour tuning gives you even more control over your picture.

High Brightness Lamp

The Sony VPL-VW570ES comes fitted with an 1800 lumen lamp with a power of 280 watts. With this high brightness, on screen images are vibrant and vivid, whilst the lamp is long lasting for up to 6000 hours of viewing time. This means fewer lamp changes and simple maintenance. The motorised zoom lens makes installation easy with 2.06x zoom. The projector can adjust 85% vertically and 31% horizontally, for accurate picture display. The fan is positioned on the front of the projector, allowing for convenient placement nearer to the wall, without worrying about air flow, so you can maximise the throw distance for bigger projector images.

  • Sony VPL-VW570ES 4K Projector with 1800 lumen lamp and 4K Motionflow
  • SXRD panels display 4K resolution images with crisp edges and deep blacks
  • TRILUMINOS colour displays vibrant and hard-to-reproduce colours
  • HDR provides image contrast for faithful reproduction
  • 4K Motionflow adds frames to reduce motion blur in 4K images
  • Picture Position Memory stores your optimal settings for a perfect picture every time
  • Bright 1800 lumen, 280 watt lamp for up to 6000 hours view time
More Information
Product Specifications

Display System

4K SXRD panel, projection system

Size of effective display area

0.74” x 3

Number of pixels

26,542,080 (4096 x 2160 x 3) pixels

Lens Focus



Powered (Approx. x2.06)

Lens shift

Vertical: +85% -80% Horizontal: +/-31%

Light source

High-pressure mercury lamp, 280 W type

Recommended lamp replacement time

6,000 H (Lamp mode: Low)

Screen size

60” to 300” (1,524 mm to 7,620 mm)

Light output

1,800 lm (Lamp mode: High)

Dynamic contrast



Digital (RGB/Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr)

Trigger 1 / Trigger 2

Minijack, DC 12 V Max. 100 mA


RS-232C, D-sub 9-pin (male)


DC 5 V, Max. 500 mA

Acoustic noise

26 dB

Power requirements

AC 100 V to 240 V, 4.6 A to 2.0 A, 50/60Hz

Power consumption

460 W

3D capability


Dimensions (W x H x D)

496 x 205 x 464 mm


14 kg

Replacement lamp



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Product Brochures

Sony VPL-VW570ES 4K Projector Specification Sheet

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