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The new Sony MZ-NHF800D Hi MD model has similar features to the MZ-NH700 but has the added benefit of an FM AM tuner remote so you are never short of music to listen to
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The new Sony MZ-NHF800D model has similar features to the MZ-NH700 but has the added benefit of an FM AM tuner remote so you are never short of music to listen to. The player also has a line-in and mic-in to enable easy recording from multiple sources, and with ATRAC3plus compression, you can enjoy 45 hours of music on one Hi-MD disc or 13 hours of music on one standard, 80-minute MiniDisc.

With enough battery life to support hours and hours of music, and the rugged endurance to survive a marathon, this Hi-MD recorder is ready to go anywhere. This MiniDisc recorder has very flexible editing tools so you can change the order of tracks or delete unwanted songs right on the device and without having to re-visit the PC.

The new Hi MD Sony MZ NF800D Mini Disc recorder has evolved to a higher format that is now twice as large as the original Mini disc format and since "Hi-MD" products will be compatible with current MD format discs, users will also be able to play back their existing mini discs. They also come bundled with SonicStage® version 2.0 software and the Simple Burner application. Additionally, SonicStage 2.0 software supports many Internet audio formats, including MP3, WMA, and WAV files.

Hi-MD" uses the File Allocation Table (FAT) system, which enables the recording not just of music, but also up to 1GB of PC data files such as images and text. The Hi MD format can record up to 45 hours of music on one single disc. The MZNF800D uses ATRAC3plus audio compression technology, which delivers high data compression while maintaining quality of sound. "Hi-MD" also enables linear PCM

The Sony MZ-NF800D "Hi-MD" recorder is connected to your computer by the USB cable. Data transfer is easy; drag and drop data on the 'Removable Disc' icon on the desktop. Not only is transferring data made simple with "Hi-MD", but a single "Hi-MD" disc or a standard MiniDisc is rewritable and can be reused over and over again.

  • The Player comes complete with AC power adapter, earphones and a USB cable and a CD-ROM with new Sonic Stage software.
  • Extensive battery life: up to 30 hours on a single AA battery
  • Enjoy up to 45 hours of music on one Hi-MD disc
  • Versatile recording media for the broadband era
  • Three-line backlit LCD remote control
  • G-PROTECTION® Jog Proof
  • More Information
    Brands Sony
    Product Specifications
    • Sampling Rates
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    20 to 20kHz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Battery Operation Time
    AA upto 30 Hours
    • Battery Type
    • Format's
    MP3, WMA, and WAV files.
    • Data compression system
    • Inputs USB 2.0
    • Inputs Optical line in
    • Outputs
    Headphone Jack
    • Remote Control
    Yes AM/FM
    • Weight
    132gms with battery

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