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This range of Advanced media MSX Memory sticks from 256KB to 1GB are for continuous recording and higher resolution moving images, with enhanced features, Memory Stick PRO media is the next generation format which is here now
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The Memory Stick PRO media format integrates new technologies and features in regard to capacity, speed, real-time recording and data security. Memory Stick PRO™ and MagicGate™ Memory Stick media are the only types of media that support the MagicGate copyright protection technology, which enables a user to record, transfer and store secure digital content.

Memory Stick PRO technology also incorporates software specifically designed to offer real-time recording of data. With compatible devices, users can now rest assured that their memory cards and more importantly, the content on the card, will not be compromised when they accidentally remove the card before all of the data has been transferred or recorded.

In addition to an improved transfer speed of up to 160 megabits per second (Mbps), an advantage of the Memory Stick PRO format is the minimum write speed of 15Mbps that can be realized with optimized Memory Stick PRO format-compatible devices.

  • Transfer Speed (theoretical maximum): Up to 160Mbps or 20MB/sec; Minimum Write Speed: 15Mbps (with optimized Memory Stick PRO format-compatible devices); Power Source: 2.7-3.6V; Current: 100mA Maximum
  • Advanced media for continuous recording of higher resolution moving images. With enhanced features, Memory Stick PRO™ media is the next generation formaT.
  • More Information
    Brands Sony
    Product Specifications
    • Memory Type
    Flash Memory
    • Operating Voltage
    2.7 to 3.6 Volts
    • Power Consumption Average
    • Power Consumption Standby
    • Operating Environment
    0 to 60 degrees Celsius
    • Transfer Speed
    160 mbytes/second
    • Memory Available
    less 3%
    • Weight
    4 grams

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