-Samsung QE65Q950RB 65 Inch Smart HDR 8K Ultra HD QLED Television

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The Samsung QE65Q950RB 65 Inch Smart HDR 8K Ultra HD QLED Television delivers immersive detail and depth in true 8K resolution, with the power to upscale content into 8K quality. Featuring 100% Colour Volume and High Dynamic Range, as well as AI capabilities, this TV is even impressive turned off, blending into your home with Ambient Mode.

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True 8K Resolution

The Samsung QE65Q950RB displays images in 8K resolution, four times higher than 4K, and up to 16 times more definition than Full HD. Showing more than 33 million pixels in each picture, with 8K you can focus on the image and not the pixels, for the best viewing experience. High Dynamic Range 10+ is able to constantly optimise the picture frame quality every frame, to bring out the definition in the darker and brighter images, for great detail in every image. For punchy and vibrant colour with all your favourite movies and shows, the QE65Q950RB features QLED 100% colour volume working with AI capabilities, meaning you’ll see beautiful colours as they were meant to be seen.

Brightness and Depth

With the 8K QE65Q950RB, incredible brightness and contrast is possible, giving you the highest brightness levels of any TV, and immerses you in a detailed, realistic picture. With backlit technology, the Samsung QE65Q950RB displays depth and sharpness, even in direct sunlight, meaning you’ll never have to close the curtains when you sit down to watch your favourite movie.

8K Upscaling

If you think there won’t be enough content available in 8K UHD, think again. The QE65Q950RB upscales all your content into true 8K quality for the best picture quality available. Using the power of machine learning, combined with Artificial Intelligence, the QLED 8K TV can upgrade any movie or video, improving dramatically on the details, with sharper edges and reduced noise, for a clear and precise image at all times. Samsung’s unique, exclusive Quantum Processor uses highly advanced AI to transform low resolution pictures in to full 8K ultra high definition. The processor is capable of optimising sound and matching the room’s brightness level.

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Assistant

With the AI intelligent engine in the Samsung QE65Q950RB, the sound is always at its best. The AI analyses every scene, and optimises the sound to match, highlighting important dialogue or crucial sports commentary to make you feel like you’re really there. Use the QE65Q950RB easily by employing the built-in voice assistant. Ask to select a channel, play YouTube, or recommend something to watch from popular content and information. The voice assistant makes things easy for you to spend more time watching and enjoying 8K content.

Ambient Mode

Samsung QLED’s ambient mode makes the empty black screen a thing of the past. When in standby, the QE65Q950RB can display artwork, news and weather information, or your own photos. The TV is also capable of blending with the wall behind it, meaning the TV becomes nearly invisible. With the One Remote, controlling the QE65Q950RB becomes easier than ever, with one simple remote to control all of your connected devices, without the need for multiple remotes for all your devices.

Samsung QE65Q950RB 65 Inch Smart HDR 8K Ultra HD QLED TV

  • 8K resolution four times better than 4K with over 33 million pixels on screen
  • HDR10+ for greater dynamic contrast in colours and blacks
  • 100% Colour Volume displays beautiful colours with vibrancy
  • Highest brightness level of any TV, with backlit technology
  • 8K upscaling gives you all content in 8K resolution with machine learning
  • Samsung exclusive processor uses AI to optimise sound and match the brightness levels
  • Voice assistant carries out your voice commands to select channels and recommend popular content
  • Ambient Mode displays artwork, information or photos in standby to remove the black screen
  • One Remote controls all your devices with just one remote for simple control
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More Information
Product Specifications

Screen Size

65 Inches


7,680 x 4,320

HDR 10+



Direct Full Array 16x


Colour Volume 100% by Quantum Dot

Viewing Angle

Ultra Viewing Angle

Bixby Voice Assistant


SmartThings App Support


AI Upscale


Ambient Mode


Dimensions (W x H x D)

1412 x 852 x 181 mm


21.7 kg


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