-Samsung QE55Q9FNA 55 Inch Smart HDR 4K Ultra HD QLED Television

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The new Samsung QE55Q9FNA 55" TV is Samsung’s flagship model in their new range of Smart HDR 4K Ultra HD QLED Televisions. This television has been designed to offer the viewer the purest colour and the deepest blacks thanks to new QLED technology.

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The new Samsung QE55Q9FNA 55" TV is Samsung’s flagship model in their new range of Smart HDR 4K Ultra HD QLED Televisions. This television has been designed to offer the viewer the purest colour and the deepest blacks thanks to new QLED technology. QLED is a refinement of Samsung’s previous Quantum Dot technology, and delivers Ultra HD Premium picture quality with colour so brilliant and blacks so utterly deep that it achieves only the most realistic HDR picture currently possible. Combine this technology with a minimalist 360° design, Near-Invisible Optical Cable, One Connect Box, Premium One Remote, Samsung SmartHub for access to online entertainment, voice interaction capabilities and Ambient Mode, and you’ve got a TV that not only looks great when you’re watching it, but looks great even when you aren’t.

Q Colour

The QE55Q9FNA’s QLED technology utilises original Quantum Dot technology in order to take light and convert it into astounding colour. 100% colour volume (DCI-P3 standard measure) can be achieved in order to produce a realistic picture that is full of rich colour from a spectrum of over one billion hues. Colour volume is an index of how well colours are reproduced in accuracy and richness. Similar to turning the volume up on your stereo in order to get the full surround sound experience, colour volume will offer a wider and more diverse range of colour the higher you set the level. 100% colour volume will allow this TV to clearly display each and every detail no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Q Contrast Elite

This UHD 4K QLED TV will maintain ultimate levels of contrast no matter whether you are watching in the day or night. Next to no light reflectivity allows the QE55Q9FNA to deliver outstanding contrast in a wide variety of lighting environments – this means you can watch your movies or TV shows in either a dark room or against bright light and never see any depletion in picture quality. It really does offer only a truly perfect picture.

Q HDR 2000 Powered by HDR 10+

As one of the leading companies in contrast and colour-boosting High Dynamic Range technology, with the QE55Q9FNA Samsung is able to deliver impeccable HDR, deepening the view and making available shades that were previously unseen in televisions of this kind. Every possible colour has been expanded to unforeseen levels, ensuring the picture you receive is never anything less than completely lifelike. The Samsung Q Engine can be found within this television, allowing Samsung’s HDR 2000 to produce an absolutely stunning glow that will leave you speechless. QLED technology’s superior brightness levels will make sure you experience all of the latest HDR standards to the fullest of their potential.

With HDR 10+ each and every image is individually processed scene by scene in order to produce optimised visuals with dynamic tone mapping. This will allow this QLED TV to produce rich colours, deep contrasts, and a picture quality that is unrivalled. This is the only way to see all of your films or TV shows in exactly the way the director intended.

4K Ultra High Definition

In order to keep up with modern TVs growing larger and larger in size, manufacturers have had to pack their screens with more and more pixels. The 65” screen of the this QLED TV contains four times the number of pixels than can be found within older 1080p HD TV models. This allows the Samsung QE55Q9FNA to provide the viewer with an absolutely stunning level of realism, natural motion and detail. And as if that wasn’t enough, this TV will even upgrade any Standard Definition and High Definition video content to as close to 4K quality as can be achieved. This allows the TV to provide the viewer with a pristine experience no matter what they are watching.

Ambient Mode and the Near-Invisible Cable

With the Samsung QE55Q9FNA you get more than just a TV. Thanks to Samsung’s intuitive new Ambient Mode technology, you can say goodbye to the days when a TV in standby mode was just an unattractive black square in the middle of the wall. Removing the mess and tangle of multiple cables, the new Near-Invisible cable allows you to connect all of your set-top boxes, Blu-Ray players and Games Consoles to the TV through one single discrete cable. This brilliant little cable will allow you to place the TV absolutely anywhere you wish to place it, without being held back by any restricting wires. To connect to your TV, the One Connect box will gather all of your connections, transferring all signals through the Near-Invisible Cable and to the TV. This allows you to declutter your living room and relax without worrying about unsightly trailing wires.

Now we come to Ambient Mode, possibly one of the most impressive additions to any recent modern UHD TV. Ambient mode is exclusive to Samsung, and allows you to remove the black screen from your TV when in standby mode. This means the screen can now blend into the room seamlessly, doubling the QE55Q9FNA up as both TV and decorative centrepiece. With four settings available (Décor Mode, Info Mode, Photo Mode, and Music Mode) Ambient Mode will fill your living room with artwork, news and weather updates, stored photos, and it even has the ability to mimic the wall behind the television, making it truly invisible. Ambient Mode can even play light background music for those times you just want to sit back and relax.

No Gap Wall-Mount

The QE55Q9FNA features a no-gap wall-mount mechanism that will enable the television to sit flush against the wall, making it seem as though it really is a part of the room. All you have to do is attach the mount upon the wall, set the cables in place, set up the hanger on the reverse of the television, hang, adjust, sit back, and relax. The no-gap wall-mount ensures a stylish living room with no unsightly black square in the way.

A tower stand and a studio stand are also available. The tower stand will offer a sleek design which will not only support the TV, but provide a bold and attractive statement for any room in which it is placed. And the studio stand will enable you to display this TV as though it were a piece of art on an easel (and with Ambient Mode activated, it basically is).

One Remote Control

With one sleek and intuitive remote control, the Samsung QE65Q9FNA really is made as simple to operate as possible. The inclusion of the Samsung One Remote Control will allow you to operate every compatible connected device over your home network. This includes any SmartThings device connected to your home network, such as the TV, Smart Bulbs, Samsung Smart Fridges, Samsung Smart Washing Machines, Samsung Smart Doorbells etc. The One Remote Control will ensure your home life is fully connected, and will even offer voice control through a microphone in the handset. Useful notifications will appear on the TV screen to inform you of events in the smart home, such as the washing machine finishing its cycle, or someone ringing your doorbell (this function will even bring up a video on screen if your doorbell is fitted with a camera).

Control can be achieved via the TV’s menu, or via the free-to-download SmartThings app. This app is available on Apple and Android’s respective App Stores, and will give the user complete control over the home from the palm of their hand. Each and every device within your Smart Home will be displayed on your mobile phone, allowing you to keep on top of almost everything without having to run around the house.

  • Achieves the deepest of blacks and the brightest colour over a spectrum of more than one billion colours
  • One Connect Box gathers all connections and send the signal to the TV via one single cable
  • One Remote Control controls every aspect of your entertainment experience
  • SmartThings control can be achieve via the TV or via the free control app
  • Near-Invisible Cable does away with unsightly trailing wires
  • No-gap wall-mount for positioning flush against the wall
  • Ambient Mode turns this TV into a piece of artwork
  • Displays the most lifelike picture currently possible..
More Information
Product Specifications

Screen Size







3,840 x 2,160


Moth Eye



Ultra Black Elite





HDR 10+, Billion Colours, HLG (High Log Gamma), Q Contrast Elite, Q Colour, Q Viewing Angle



Smart Service



SmartThings App Support, Universal Browse and Play (GB/FR/DE/IT/ES ONLY)



TV to Mobile





Energy Efficiency Class





Power Supply



AC220-240V 50/60Hz


Power Consumption (Max)



305 W


Package Size (WxHxD)



1418 x 842 x 212 mm


Set Size with Stand (WxHxD)



1231 x 789 x 284 mm


Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)



1231 x 707 x 38 mm


Package Weight





Set Weight with Stand



23.2 kg


Set Weight without Stand



19.5 kg




No-Gap Wall-Mount Support



What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewSamsung QE55Q9FNA - The Q9FN is a stunning achievement from Samsung and a worthy rival to the best OLEDs around.

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