-Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus

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The Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable draws upon 20 years of experience and expertise, offering a listening experience that is free from unwanted vibrations and resonances thanks to the combination of plinth material, density, linear damping, vibration absorbing weight blocks, lowered decoupling frequency and controlled harmonic structure.
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Reliving the success of the original Xerxes that launched back in 1985, the Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus Turntable culminates 20 years’ worth of experience, research, and refinement – together with elements inspired by the Roksan TMS 3 –  in order to bring you the most advanced record player Roksan has ever produced.

With a robust construction and an attractive aesthetic, this turntable will remain the focal point of any system into which it is integrated. A hardened tool steel spindle, tungsten carbide ball, and two-piece solid phosphor bronze housing has been machined to an accuracy of 5 microns. This will provide the Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus turntable with a self-centering, self-aligning true single point main bearing.

The three plinths will work to further enhance the performance of this already impressive turntable, with the top plinth working to prevent residual motor vibration finding its way to the record/cartridge interface. The sub-plinth will support the main bearing/platter assembly and the tonearm, and will decouple the stylus/groove interface, providing excellent isolation from any external disturbances. A detachable arm-board has been included, allowing you to achieve a higher level of isolation with coupling available between the tonearm and the sub-plinth. This arm-board has been constructed using a billet of acetal.

The Xerxes 20 Plus is compatible with any of Roksan’s arms or any other high quality arm if you wish to mix and match. This will allow the turntable to deliver a powerful listening experience and an expansive sound range. It will also make for an exquisite midband response, along with fast and deep bass and a very smooth, open treble.

The Caspian system DX2 turntable speed control comes integrated within the Xerxes 20 Plus, and incorporates the Roksan TMS 2’s main bearing ball, inner and outer platter design. These have been refined in order to maintain an undisturbed listening experience that is uninterrupted by any internally induced vibrations. The cartridge is thus provided with a near-silent passage to retrieve vital audio information. Combining the plinth material, density, linear damping, vibration absorbing weight blocks, lowered decoupling frequency and controlled harmonic structure, the Xerxes 20 Plus will offer a performance that even the most discerning of audiophiles would be impressed by.

  • The most advanced turntable Roksan has produced to date
  • Utilises 20+ years of turntable expertise and experience
  • Draws inspiration from the Roksan TMS 3 and TMS 2
  • 3 plinths with 3-layer isolation system
  • Caspian DX2 speed control
  • Detachable arm board


More Information
Product Specifications

Main Bearing Spindle

Hardened tool steel

Roundness & Concentricity

< 5 Microns

Length to Diameter ratio


Main Bearing Ball

Super precision Tungsten Carbide


< 1 Micron



Main Bearing Housing

Solid Phosphor Bronze



Inner and Outer Platter

2 Piece Solid Aluminium alloy, Interference fitted non-resonant


3 Plinth Design


3 Level De-coupling


Custom made 24 pole synchronous


Solid Aluminium alloy

Roundness & Concentricity

< 1 Micron


Precision ground Neoprene

Motor Mount

Unique synchronizing bearing

Motor Drive

External speed controller

Wow & Flutter

< 0.02%


< -80dB


450 x 370 x 115mm





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