-Rega RB301 Tone Arm Satin Black

The Rega RB301 Tone Arm is Rega's entry level arm, fitted as standard to the award winning Rega P3-24 turntable
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-Rega RB301 Tone Arm Satin Black

The Rega RB301 Tone Arm is Rega's entry level arm, fitted as standard to the award winning Rega P3-24 turntable. As on the Rega RB250 Tonearm, VTF adjustment is a simple arrangement where the weight is turned 180 degrees for 1gm of tracking force. Anti-skating bias is magnetically applied via a plastic, sliding knob behind the arm holder and VTA is non-adjustable.

It uses Rega's high rigidity low friction bearing design philosophies alongside the rigid custom arm tube assembly and the three point fixing based on the mounting system of our flagship tone arm the Rega RB1000. You cannot fail to be impressed by the performance achieved at this price point.

Standard fitment on the new P3-24 turntable, the RB301 is an evolution of the original RB300 tone arm. The arm-board mounting now uses a 3-point configuration similar to that of the RB100 tonearm and the bias housing and phono cable are taken from the RB700. The counterweight is the later stainless steel variety and VTA is adjustable using shims.

  • Technically correct levels of effective mass.
  • High quality appropriate materials used throughout.
  • Unique anti skate mechanism which provide ample power whilst introducing no bearing friction.
  • Very high levels of stability whilst tracking the record resulting in market leading performance in dealing with record warps large or small.
  • Bespoke manufactured wiring throughout offering ultimate performance.
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