-Rega Planar 3 Turntable inc Elys 2 Cartridge Gloss White (Display Model)

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The Rega Planar 3 Turntable is a modified, upgraded version of the RP3 and has been optimized with the use of an RB330 tonearm...

The Rega Planar 3 Turntable is a modified, upgraded version of the RP3 and has been optimized with the use of an RB330 tonearm. The turntable is durable, built from high quality components and is lightweight yet still incorporates a high-rigidity plinth design. It also features double brace technology that has been combined with a float glass platter to ensure the performance is impressive.

It plays with minimal noise and uses a 24v motor that does not induce any unwarranted vibrations. The plinth design and reduced energy absorption also contributes, minimally but definitely, towards reducing distortion in sound. The Planar 3 features RB330 tonearm-designed with 3D CAD & CAM technology and features a brand new bearing housing and Rega's latest tonearm tube which reduces the amount of areas for possible resonance.

New and improved is also the sub platter which has been completely re designed so it now has improved accuracy and stiffness. The feet have been improved also to not only increase the stability of the turntable but also reduce vibration transfer. Overall a lot has been changed from the RP3 to the Planar 3 to make it an even higher performing, better sounding turntable than its predecessor.

Pre fitted on this turntable is the Rega Elys 2 cartridge which was specifically designed with the RB300 tone arm in mind and has a three point mounting system. The sound quality over the Bias is most apparent with the dynamics and separation between various musical instruments. The overall design makes it a perfect match for all Rega Turntables.

  • Compatible with the TT-PSU electronic speed change and power supply box
  • 24v low noise motor / 12mm float glass platter
  • Lightweight double braced plinth
  • Hand assembled RB330 tonearm
  • Precision main bearing
  • Elys 2 cartridge fitted
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Product Specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm

117 x 447 x 360 (lid closed)


24v low noise


Elys 2


Precision main bearing


12mm float glass


6 kg



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