Quad QC Twenty Four P Phono Stage Pre Ampilfier

For the real connoisseur the Quad Twenty Four P dedicated valve phono stage is the only option.

For the analogue purist, the combination of a good valve amplifier and a good turntable is the closest possible approach to the original recording. There are two options for adding a Quality Phono stage to the Quad range of valve pre-amplifiers. A solid-state module is available for the standard Quad QC-24 Control Module pre Amplifier which allows direct connection of a turntable with an internal switch to change between moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. This is an optional extra that can be included in the initial purchase or can be retro fitted later.

For the real connoisseur however, there is the Quad QC Twenty Four P Phono Stage Pre Amplifier. This has been designed for Quad by valve supremo Tim De Paravicini - probably the finest valve amplifier designer in the world today. It has been voiced by the finest ears in the industry and will add an entirely new dimension to your enjoyment of vinyl recordings.

The Quad QC Twenty Four P Phono Stage Pre Amplifier features a moving magnet/ moving coil toggle switch on the rear, and a choice of direct full level output, or a variable level output if you wish to connect directly to a power amplifier. Extreme high quality components are to be found inside the Quad QC-24P and there is absolutely no compromise in the creation and practical construction of this fine piece of audio tech.

For many audiophiles, just as vinyl will never be truly replaced by digital music, the vacuum tube communicates on an emotional level that can never really be surpassed by a transistor based design. For the analogue purist, the combination of a good valve amplifier and a good turntable is the closest possible approach to the original recording

Amplification is provided courtesy of a four twin triode 6111 valves A completely new design, the Quad QC24 P Phono Stage Pre Amplifier is both neutral and detailed. Using the military specification 6111 valve, which is so reliable, they are hardwired to the circuit board. Everything has been designed to maintain optimum signal purity. From the relay switching to the gold-plated terminals, each component has been selected for its audio performance.

Quad sound systems have always provided high levels of listening pleasure to their owners. The philosophy has always been one of reproducing the 'live' experience in the comfort of your own home. Whilst many modern amplifiers are stunningly accurate and offer breathtaking resolution and distortion figures in tiny fractions of a percent, many also lose sight of the overall aim - which for Quad, is to bring pleasure to the listener by recreating the entire range of sensory experiences felt at a live performance.

Quad QC Twenty Four P Phono Stage Pre Amplifier features

  • A choice of input sensitivities and a direct full level output or variable level output
  • High quality components are used wherever these appear in the signal path
  • Designed for Quad by valve supremo Tim De Paravicini
  • Completely new design using four twin triode 6111 military grade valves
  • Moving magnet/ moving coil toggle switch
  • Gold plated connectors
More Information
Product Specifications
  • Total harmonic distortion
0.08% at 1 watt per Metre
  • Signal to noise ratio
better than -60dB
  • Frequency Response 1
20Hz-20kHz (+0dB/-0.5dB)
  • Input Impedance MM
47 Ohms
  • Input Impedance MC
10 Ohms
  • Connections
Gold Plated Phono Sockets
  • Valve Complement
4 x 6111 Double Triode's
  • Line Stage Gain
1.3mV (MM)/130uV(High)
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