-QED Genesis Silver Spiral Biwire Per Metre

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Unparalleled musical cohesion and a truly three-dimensional soundstage with solid, believable images you can almost reach out and touch, unique geometry and silver plated conductors - look stunning
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-QED Genesis Silver Spiral Biwire Per Metre

In 1994 QED Conducted the most extensive ever scientific investigation into the effects of speaker cable on hi-fi system performance. The results, published in the ground breaking "The Genesis Report", formed the blueprint for Genesis 1, up to then the most remarkable speaker cable QED had made.

Four years in development, Genesis Silver Spiral is the production version of Genesis 1 and a more remarkable product still. It has all the qualities of the cost-no-object prototype but at an affordable price and establishes a stunning new benchmark for medium priced cables. Now it's joined by Silver Spiral BiWire, the four core version of Genesis, and the rules governing just how good a speaker cable can sound are about to be re-written once again.

Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Wire extends the already remarkable performance envelope of standard Genesis Silver Spiral by using Genesis dual core technology in a compact quad core format (just 20mm in diameter).

This ensures that the grip and transient precision offered by the ultra low resistance of Genesis directly benefits a speaker’s separate drive units which are fed from the amplifier’s output terminals along dedicated bass and treble conductors.

With no splitting or sharing of cores to degrade damping and increase resistance (a problem common to many bi-wire cables), dynamic impact is maximised and distortion reduced to vanishingly low levels. The result is unparalleled musical cohesion and a truly three-dimensional soundstage with solid, believable images you can almost reach out and touch, even during the most complex musical passages.

  • CONSTRUCTION The construction of its four conductor groups is identical to the two in Genesis Silver Spiral. Each comprises 9x19/0.2mm silver plated 99.999% OFC conductors giving an amazing total cross sectional conductor area of 22 square millimetres. But low resistance is only one of the key elements. Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Wire's use of multiple insulated silver plated OFC copper groups ensures low inductance and reduces the magnetic flux density across each conductor. And the spiral geometry, with its precision spacing and selective twist rates, cuts interaction between conductors, thus minimising field effect distortions and further improving sound quality.
  • Quad core construction imparts an even better dissipation factor than that of Genesis Silver Spiral and, together with the all Polyethylene dielectric, virtually eliminates signal leakage. The unique quad core construction is also very compact - Genesis Silver Spiral Bi-Wire has twice the cross sectional area of conductors of Genesis SS, yet amazingly it is only 25% larger (just under 20mm in diameter).
  • Seen through a translucent PVC jacket, Genesis Silver Spiral's unique geometry and silver plated conductors look stunning.

  • More Information
    Brands QED
    Product Specifications
    • Mode of operation
    • Conductor Section (mm2)
    4 x 5.5
    • Conductor Material
    Silver plated 99.999% OFC
    • Conductor Dielectric
    • Loop resistance (ohms/metre)
    • Parallel Capacitance pF/metre
    • Loop inductance uH/metre
    • Dissipation Factor at 10kHz
    • Overall size in mm
    • Colour
    Translucent silver

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