-Project DS Series CD Box CD Player

The Project CD Box SE CD player drive is supported by a special subchassis which features one "hard" and three "soft" points of contact.
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As Project's experience grew, they realized with increasing conviction that the path many companies chose to use DVD or CD Rom drives and servos for CD reproduction - is all wrong. Project wanted a system to read CDs PERFECTLY: nothing more and nothing less. It makes no sense to use high-speed drives which have to be adapted electronically to be able to read CDs properly.

With the Project CD Box SE CD player Project decided to use a drive and a servo that is designed ONLY for reading "REDBOOK" CDs. Luckily, Project found immensely capable engineers right here in Vienna, in the company Stream Unlimited, who understood their requirements precisely. They developed for Project a Drive/Servo combination out of their famous Blue Tiger Servo board, which is optimized to read the CD perfectly without any need for added error correction.

It's a fact if you can read the full 16-bit word without errors; the CD's quality will be astonishing. The secret is not the drive alone, but the drive and the quality of the SERVO that controls it.

As Project has years of experience in mechanical techniques, Project has tried to do their best to steer away any vibration from the laser pickup. The Project CD Box SE CD player drive is supported by a special subchassis which features one "hard" and three "soft" points of contact. This is an original design that isolates the laser from the vibrations of its surrounding environment, but distributes most of the motor noise and resonances through the hard contact point, which works as a mass grounding path towards the heavy main chassis.

Finally, Project used casework with thick aluminium panels. In relation to the small size of the Project CD Box SE CD player, the combination creates a stiff, solid chassis ... especially when compared to standard CD players in this price range.

The sophisticated power-supply of the Project CD Box SE CD Player allows Project to use their 16V outboard transformer. This is a big advantage in CD player design, as there is no magnetic or mechanical interference, which is a primary concern with designs housing a big transformer within the chassis.

Project tried to make the Project CD Box SE CD player as simple to use, with as few knobs and buttons as possible. Secondary operations, such as direct track access, have been relegated to the remote control. An added bonus is the oversized display which allows the user to see all the of the track and player data from across the room. All CD players have a remote control, but often it is difficult to the display from the listening position. And for those who prefer a more discreet presence, the display can be dimmed, too.

  • True high end sound little money
  • Simple to use
  • High quality components
  • Made in Europe
  • Advanced Burr-Brown PCM1976 24/192 kHz converter

  • More Information
    Brands Project
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Frequency Response 1
    20Hz - 20kHz
    • THD
    • Digital Output
    Coaxial x 1
    • Line Out
    RCA Phono Sockets x 1
    • Power Consumption
    • Weight

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