-Pioneer XWSMA3 Wireless Speaker

The Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker Wi-Fi Speaker puts the key to wirelessly enjoying your music wherever you are right where it belongs. In your hands.
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-Pioneer XWSMA3 Wireless Speaker

We're living in a wireless world. Which is good news for music lovers, because it means now, you can wirelessly enjoy your music wherever you are. And since the smartphone has become the most essential wireless device in your day-to-day life, it was only a matter of time before someone introduced a Wi-Fi speaker with the broadest smartphone connectivity ever. That someone is Pioneer. And that speaker is our new Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker: the most convenient source for bringing high fidelity and powerful bass sound to you anywhere you go.

In the wireless world, there are many ways to connect and play, and the A3 connects to virtually all of them: AirPlay® is a revolutionary way of enjoying your music anywhere in your home, and the Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker is AirPlay compatible right out of the box. Wirelessly stream music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or your iTunes-running Mac or PC directly to the speaker. Plus use your iPhone or iPad device's familiar controls to change the volume and switch songs. HTC Connect is for Android® owners who, until now, have constantly asked, "What about me?" The good news is your speaker has arrived. A Pioneer exclusive, the Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker proudly supports HTC Connect, compatible with HTC One series phones. HTC Connect makes it easy to wirelessly stream your favourite music straight from your HTC One phone. There's no need for a separate app; HTC Connect is built right into your phone's music player. DLNA 1.5 certified, the Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker connects seamlessly to all other DLNA compliant devices.

We've never cared much for limits, especially when it comes to your audio experience. That's why instead of Bluetooth, we designed the Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker to be a true Wi-Fi speaker. Wi-Fi's higher bandwidth carries more audio signal, giving you higher audio quality. Not to mention far better range unobstructed by things like furniture or walls. Easy to set-up and pair, Wi-Fi gives you the portable audio experience you've always wanted.

With Wireless Direct - a Pioneer exclusive - You can enjoy wireless music far beyond your home's wireless network. Wireless Direct allows for a direct wireless connection between your smartphone and the Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker, without the need for a wireless router.

The Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker has been developed from the ground up by none other than Andrew Jones, our world-renowned Chief Speaker Engineer. Having personally chosen the dual 77mm Woofers, 20mm Tweeter and dual 10W+10W amplifiers, and driver network, the sleek and contemporary Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker not only enjoys a distinguished pedigree, it also offers the clear, natural and powerful audio experience you expect from Pioneer.

Before you hear the sound, the first thing you notice about the Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker are the clean, minimalist lines of this extraordinary speaker. Its enclosed gloss black body means a fuller, less distorted sound. The timeless look of its black metal grill adds to the streamlined look, as does the perfectly integrated matte black Capacitive Touch Control Panel.

The Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. And since it's a portable wireless speaker, that means once you get where you're going, you can enjoy up to 5 hrs of your favourite music the way you want. Uninterrupted.

Music isn't just for inside the house. The Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker is designed specifically for outdoor use with covered ports and a scratch-resistant matte finish. By taking advantage of Pioneers audio heritage, as well as the latest technology, our new, portable Pioneer XWSMA3 wireless speaker Wi-Fi Speaker puts the key to wirelessly enjoying your music wherever you are right where it belongs. In your hands.

  • Sound Tuning and Driver Design by Pioneer's Chief Speaker Engineer, Andrew Jones
  • BassEnhance Sound Technology for Dynamic Bass
  • AirPlay Wireless Streaming
  • HTC Connect
  • DLNA Certified 1.5 (DMR)
  • Wi-Fi® Certified
  • Wireless Direct
  • Digital Audio from iPod/iPhone/iPad via USB with Battery Charging
  • Water-Resistant (IPX2* rated)
  • Quick and Easy Network Setup with the Push of a Button
  • Touch Capacitance Controls
  • Remote Control
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • More Information
    Brands Pioneer
    Product Specifications
    • Woofer
    7.7cm (3 1/16 in) cone x 2
    • Power Consumption
    • Enclosure Type
    • Weight
    2.5 kg
    • Tweeter
    2.6 cm (1 1/16 in) semi-dome x
    • System
    2-way 3 speaker system
    • Frequency range
    50Hz to 20 kHz
    • In standby mode
    • Dimensions HxWxD w/out antenna
    180 mm x 320 mm x 145 mm
    • Wireless LAN standard
    • Frequency band
    2.4 GHz
    • Security
    WEP, WPA, WPA2
    • Rated Power Output
    DC 15 V, 4 A
    • Power Requirements
    AC 100 V to 240 V, 50Hz/60 Hz

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