-Pioneer S81BLR Speakers (Pair)

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The Pioneer S81B High-End Speakers were designed to bring out the audiophile in you - whatever you are watching or listening
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-Pioneer S81BLR Speakers (Pair)

Sound, it's at the very centre of our emotions. Even when it is not consciously perceptible, sound moves us. Pioneers legacy began in the speaker business 75 years ago. We've been designing and building speakers based on a single mantra: reproduce audio as true to the original as possible. Pioneers designers were (and are) audiophiles: people addicted to pure, perfect audio reproduction.

The thing is, when you hear pure, accurate audio reproduction for yourself, you'll never go back. You'll become addicted. Because inside of you, you'll find that you're an audiophile, too. That's the power of pure sound.

The Pioneer S81B High-End Speakers were designed to bring out the audiophile in you - whatever you are watching or listening. Including a line-up of bookshelf, floorstanding, subwoofer and centre speakers, the Pioneer S-81B-LR Speakers offer the perfect fusion of acoustic technology to deliver high-quality, pure audio in your home.

Matching the blueprint of Pioneers EX Series Reference Speakers, the Pioneer S-81B-LR Speaker tweeter is mounted in the centre of the midrange driver, allowing the sound directivity to be precisely controlled at all frequencies. What this means is that all sound -arrives at your listening position at the same time.

The Pioneer Series 8 Speakers feature LDMC (Linear Drive Magnetic Circuit) that ensures an extremely linear displacement of the woofer cones. The result is a perfect reproduction of low frequencies without any distortion. Vertical standing waves that often occur in these large floor-standing speaker enclosures are responsible for uneven, boomy or sucked out bass response. To eliminate these waves, we have developed unique ABD (Acoustic Balance Drive) and AFAST (Acoustical Filter Assisted System Tuning) simulation technology, which results in precise and dynamic bass with no low midrange colouration. The rounded cabinets of the Pioneer Series 8 Speakers improve rigidity and work to eliminate unwanted sound from enclosure diffraction. Grills are attachable by magnets, giving you a clean, seamless look whichever option you choose.

As form follows function, the enclosures of the Pioneer S-81B-LR Speakers are crafted from the finest materials and assembled with great attention to detail. The outcome is a round shaped cabinet that improves rigidity and helps to eliminate unwanted sound from enclosure diffraction. Its sophisticated lines - complemented by the high-gloss black, real whitewashed ash veneer or real walnut veneer finishes - make each loudspeaker an epitome of understated elegance and a welcome addition to any modern interior. The absence of pins or screws on the baffle board and newly developed magnetic grilles further add to the series' performance and clean appearance.

  • LDMC (Linear Drive Magnetic Circuit)
  • ABD (Acoustic Balance Drive)
  • AFAST (Acoustical Filter Assisted System Tuning)
  • Matching the blueprint of Pioneers EX Series Reference Speakers
  • Grills are attachable by magnets
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