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The Pioneer CT-W806 is Pioneer's finest twin cassette deck for those who demand the highest recording and playback facilities for their cassette collection
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The Pioneer CT-W806 is Pioneer's finest twin cassette deck for those who demand the highest recording and playback facilities for their cassette collection. The Pioneer CTW806 builds on the foundations of the Pioneer CTW606, and improves the quality with the added bonuses of Legato Link Conversion, direct microphone input, the ability to record to both decks and optical digital input for the best audio recording ability from digital sources. You will find it hard to find a better cassette deck. Also featuring Dual Auto-Reverse, Dolby B & C Noise Reduction, full logic IC controls and Music Search; this cassette deck has the most useful features for quick, easy and versatile recording and playback of your cassette collection

Pioneers Legato Link Conversion extends the maximum frequency response from the usual 20 kHz to 40 kHz to ensure more accurate reproduction of audio for playback and recording. Both Dolby HX Pro, and Pioneer's Super Auto BLE XD processing offer other ways to clean up your cassette's audio. A further proprietary technology, FLEX (Frequency Level Expander System) replaces the audio that's lost on older or bad cassette recordings, bringing new life into your music. Also the Full-Logic Cassette Transport provides electronic control of the drive system, rather than using a mechanical system delivering higher precision and reliability, smoother operation, and user friendly one-touch control.

The Pioneer CT W806 features Standard Continuous Play. This function enables you to load two cassettes into the unit, select PLAY on each deck, when cassette A finishes, cassette B will begin to play. Continuous Play with Auto Reverse can play back both sides of cassette A, then both sides of cassette B, or alternatively side 1 of cassette A and B, then side 2 of cassette A and B - giving you hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure.

  • Honeycomb Chassis for Anti-Resonance and Anti-Vibration
  • Tape Duplication Noise Suppressor
  • Powered loading and eject
  • Digital CD synchronisation
  • Dolby HX Pro Plus Digital Noise Reduction
  • Head Phone Output
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