-Pioneer AA9 M2K Stereo Amplifier

The new Pioneer A-A9MK2-K amplifier delivers 70 watts per channel, and features Twin Mono Symmetrical construction designed to prevent signal interference by separating the left and right channels……
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-Pioneer AA9 M2K Stereo Amplifier

Pioneer is pleased to announce the launch of its five new pure audio components, developed in pursuit of masterful sound quality. The new Pioneer G-Clef products, all with elegant cosmetic designs and leading technologies for immersive musical experiences, include the Pioneer A-A9MK2-K and A-A6MK2-K amplifiers, the PD-D9MK2-K and PD-D6MK2-K Super Audio CD players and the F-F6MK2-K DAB tuner. Focused on providing accuracy as well as substantial power and stability, the new stereo components achieve the sought-after 'open sound' and ultra-quick responsiveness that bring every detail to life.

The 70W 2-channel Pioneer A-A9MK2-K amplifier is built to deliver music that is as close to the original recording as possible. To achieve clean-cut sound, their improved non-feedback power supply circuit is combined with a low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) Capacitor. The Pioneer AA9MK2-K rectifier circuit features parallel drive Schottky barrier diodes, creating quick response with low noise, for sound that is smoother and more powerful. Twin transformers with very low magnetic leakage are built into the power supply, adding to the power and allowing an increased S/N ratio even at extremely low frequencies. Large Toroidal transformers are used for the Pioneer A-A9MK2-K.

The amplifiers' Twin Mono Symmetrical Construction prevents signal interference by separating the left and right channels, which results in pure sound with an overwhelmingly accurate sound stage. Their Direct Construction allows the shortest and simplest design paths - from input to output, circuit block by circuit block - to reduce distortion that can be caused by transmission loss, as well as to improve sonic clarity. Inspired by musical instruments, the resonance point of the bonnet is fixed to the chassis, decreasing natural oscillation. The Pioneer A-A9MK2-K's aluminium housing, rigid under base construction and metal foot result in an even more stable bass reproduction. Its side and top panels are made of rigid aluminium, which works to eliminate unwanted vibration and provide a clear sound.

To provide listening pleasure for a broad spectrum of musical tastes, the A-A9MK2-K is designed to play everything from analogue records to the latest digital audio formats. The excellent Sound Retriever breathes life back into compressed audio formats; users can also play PC audio files via the USB input terminal. For vinyl fans the Pioneer A-A9MK2-K amplifier adds MC phono support.

  • 70 Watts per channel
  • Non-feedback power supply circuit is combined with a low ESR
  • Parallel drive Schottky barrier diodes
  • Large Toroidal transformers
  • Users can also play PC audio files via the USB input terminal
  • More Information
    Brands Pioneer
    Product Specifications
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Outputs
    Tape, Pre-Out, Headphone
    • Power Output
    70 Watts per channel
    • Analogue Connections
    Phono RCA
    • Remote Control
    Yes, Aluminuim Remote
    • Power Consumption
    200 Watts in Use
    • Weight

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