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The SLJ900 has great compatibility, playing CD albums, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA files, has been designed to guarantee smooth skip-free music when on the move with Clam Shock Proof Technology.
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The Panasonic SL-J900 is sleek with a brushed-silver finish., stylish, and packed with versatility, this CD player from Panasonic is the ultimate sound solution. It's portable and boasts a digital amplifier for crystal-clear audio. The SLJ900 has great compatibility, playing CD albums, CD-R/RWs and MP3 or WMA files. The New Shock Proof Technology in Panasonic Portable CD Players has been designed to guarantee smooth skip-free music.

Clam Shock Proof Technology has been developed to counteract vertical, horizontal and rotational shocks. Using a 3 step process of recovery, reading and storing data, the back up memory enables the CD player to keep pumping out music even if your exertions mean it is taking a knock or two. It uses its large capacity memory to combat delays that can be caused by shocks and fluctuations in the speed of the disc's rotation to give you the perfect music experience.

The SL J900 recharging station has built-in speakers for easy charging and at-home listening. The system plays up to 47 hours of music with the included 2 NiCad rechargeable batteries, and is complete with a wired remote that puts you in full control. Also operates on 2 AA type batteries (not supplied)

Panasonic Clam Shock proof Technology means that your CD Player is truly portable as it reduces or eliminates skipping during most active uses.

Great compatibility, playing CD albums, CD-R/RWs and discs full of MP3 or WMA files

Includes an AC adapter plus 2 NiCD rechargeable batteries.

S-XBS bass enhancement; and a preset equalizer.

Battery life up to 23 hours

More Information
Brands Panasonic
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
  • Finish
  • Battery Operation Time
Up to 26 Hours
  • Battery Type
2 Rechargeable (Supplied)
  • Format's
  • D to A Converter
Mash 1 bit DAC
  • AC Adaptor
  • Random Access programming
20 Tracks
  • Weight
178 grams (CD Only)

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