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Panasonic's SCBT200 Home Cinema System is a great way to enjoy the music, video and photo contents on your iPod
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The Panasonic SCBT200 Blu Ray home cinema system bamboo cone speaker is a rigid, low-density bamboo material, this used in the Panasonic SCBT200's front and centre speaker cones to help achieve a clean, responsive sound. With the Panasonic SCBT200 Vocals are pure and clear, and dialogue is crisp and easy to understand. Kelton Subwoofer has an internal structure that is divided into two completely sealed spaces. The drive unit that is mounted to the space in the back causes the air in the front space to vibrate. This causes an Acoustic Filter effect in the front space to absorb unwanted noise while also vibrating the Passive Radiators. It produces highly robust, reverberating bass sounds.

Panasonic's SCBT200 Home Cinema System is a great way to enjoy the music, video and photo contents on your iPod. The list of iPod content can be displayed on the TV screen, and you can use the remote control from the home cinema system or a VIERA TV to select and play it.

Because the Panasonic SCBT200 is compatible with the VIERA CAST function, you can access YouTube™, Picasa™, and other Internet sites from the special VIERA CAST screen. YouTube™ lets you watch the newest video clips, and Picasa™ lets you view Web-based photos. You can also check weather and stock information on other sites.

The Panasonic SCBT200's Navigation GUI screen is displayed when the home cinema system is connected to a VIERA TV with an HDMI cable and the power is turned on, or when the Smart Setup button on the main unit is pressed. The Auto Speaker Set function, which optimises the speaker output levels by using the included microphone, also eliminates the need for any special knowledge or experience. Anyone can then easily set it up by following the directions on the screen, for movie enjoyment with the best possible sound.

During Standby Mode; A reduction in power consumption (Approx. 0.3W) has been achieved compared with 2008 model (SC-BT100), when the power is turned off.D21 During Active Mode; By controlling the power consumption depending on the audio output level, a reduction in power consumption has been achieved compared with 2008 model (SC-BT100).

  • Dynamic & Clear Sound " Kelton Subwoofer" "Bamboo Cone Speakers"
  • VIERA CAST Compatibility
  • Smart Setup with Auto Speaker Setup (VIERA Link HDAVI Control 4)
  • Full-HD Movie Playback
  • Ecology and Economy Circuit
  • Intelligent Auto Standby (with VIERA Link HDAVI Control 4)
  • More Information
    Brands Panasonic
    Product Specifications
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Finish
    • Digital Output
    2 Optical
    • Power Output
    Total Power: 1000W
    • Weight
    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewSCBT200 - Easy to set up; excellent picture clarity and detail; impressive handling of motion; dynamic, detailed audio
    What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2009What Hi Fi Awards Winner 2009SCBT200 - Best Blu-Ray System

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