-Onkyo HTX22HDX Home Cinema System

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Onkyo HTX-22HDX Ultra-Compact HD Home Cinema System handles HD formats from DTS and Dolby; offers four distinct audio modes for gaming; and includes Onkyo's very own Theatre-Dimensional.
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-Onkyo HTX22HDX Home Cinema System

Movies and games look great on today's widescreen TVs. But let's face it, the audio from your typical flat-panel display leaves a lot to be desired. That's where the Onkyo HTX-22HDX Compact HD home Cinema System steps in. In its basic 2.1-channel configuration, the Onkyo HTX22 HDX gives you a combo subwoofer and A/V receiver plus two front speakers for stunning mid- and high-range audio. Connections? Check. Three HDMI® 1.4 inputs let you hook up a Blu-ray player, console, and cable/sat tuner. HDMI 1.4 is not only compatible with upcoming 3D video, it also lets you run an Audio Return Channel from your display's tuner back to the receiver. Audio processing? Check. The HTX-22HDX handles HD formats from DTS and Dolby; offers four distinct audio modes for gaming; and includes Onkyo's very own Theatre-Dimensional. The latter creates an immersive and convincing surround effect through just 2.1 channels. Meantime, a new on-screen display makes it easier to adjust settings on the fly, so you can get back to the action sooner.

The three HDMI 1.4 inputs on the Onkyo 22HDX let you simultaneously connect HD sources such as a Blu-ray player, a gaming console, and a cable/satellite tuner. A single output then sends a pristine signal to your connected high resolution display. As the latest version of this connector, HDMI 1.4 adds the exciting possibilities of 3D video and an Audio Return Channel. 3D video is the next big thing in home entertainment, with movie, game, and broadcast content on the increase and 3D-compatible TVs on the near horizon. HDMI 1.4 also offers the convenience of an Audio Return Channel. Audio content received directly by your HDTV's tuner can be sent "upstream" to the A/V receiver, without the need for a separate S/PDIF audio cable.

The Onkyo HTX22HDX can decode Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™- two lossless formats that enable delivery of a bit-for-bit soundtrack identical to the studio master track. These codecs, previously available only on mid-range and high-end receivers, take advantage of the high data capacity of the Blu-ray format.

Changing your A/V receiver's settings is now more seamless than ever, thanks to the HTX-22HDX's new overlaid On-Screen Display (OSD) feature. On-screen set-up menus appear overlaid on the video image you're watching. This means you can adjust the settings immediately, without having to switch back and forth from a blank screen background.

The Onkyo HTX-22HDX HD Home Cinema System employs Onkyo's proprietary VLSC on both front channels to mitigate the effect of signal noise. Used in digital-to-analogue conversion, this circuit converts bit data between two discrete sampling points, which are then joined with analogue vectors to produce a smooth output wave form. The result-a noiseless, smooth analogue signal based on the digital source.

Onkyo's Theatre-Dimensional circuitry streamlines the conventional surround speaker set-up by allowing you to experience the excitement of surround sound from as few as two standard speakers. What's more, it also offers multi-speaker modes that you can use if you augment the HTX-22HDX with Onkyo's optional SKS-22X centre and surround speaker package. To save space, you can place up to five speakers beside the TV and still enjoy impressively realistic virtual surround sound.

  • 25 W/Ch (FL/FR/C/SL/SR) at 6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 Channel Driven
  • 50 W (Subwoofer) at 3 Ohms, 100 Hz, 1%, 1 Channel Driven,
  • HDMI® (Version 1.4 to Support 3D and Audio Return Channel)
  • Audio and 1080p Video Processing via HDMI (3 Inputs and 1 Output)
  • Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio™ Decoding
  • VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)
  • Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs (PCM1690) for All Channels
  • Jitter-Cleaning Circuit Technology
  • Overlaid On-Screen Display (OSD) via HDMI
  • Music Optimizer™ for Compressed Digital Music Files
  • Advanced 32-Bit Processing DSP Chip
  • 3 Digital Inputs (2 Optical and 1 Coaxial)
  • 2 Audio Inputs
  • Auto Power On/Off Function
  • RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) for System Control
  • Compatible with RI (Remote Interactive) Dock for iPod
  • Remote Control

  • More Information
    Brands Onkyo
    Product Specifications
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Frequency Response at 3dB
    35Hz - 200Hz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
    • Power Output
    25 Watts Per Channel
    • Weight
    • Impedance
    6 Ohm
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