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THE Nordost Shaman Digital Interconnect is a dedicated 75 Ohm digital cable featuring Nordost's proprietary mono-filament technology
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THE Nordost Shaman Digital Interconnect is a dedicated 75 Ohm digital cable featuring Nordost's proprietary mono-filament technology. It is designed to eliminate the effects of mechanical noise and resonance found in digital signal leads. Utilizing our proprietary FEP extrusion technology, these cables are made to very exacting standards so that timing errors and jitter are virtually eliminated. The impedance tolerance of this cable is less than 1% of the 75 Ohm standard. Each cable is terminated with impedance matched gold-plated RCA or BNC connectors.

The Nordost Shaman Digital Interconnect uses our proprietary ' Mono-Filament' which greatly enhances audio / video performance. The surface of each conductor is highly polished before a precision Micro Mono-Filament is wrapped around it.

The Nordost Shaman Digital Interconnect has an extremely wide bandwidth which extends way beyond the upper limit of the audible range at 20 KHz into the Gigahertz range. When it comes to transmitting wide bandwidth at incredible speed this cable obliterates timing errors and jitter. This speed and extremely wide bandwidth ensure that no errors are introduced into the digital signal.

This interconnect has a very high signal speed of over 86% the speed of light which reduces phase shifting and timing errors to very low levels. The incredible transient response of the Nordost Shaman means that no musical detail is lost and that complex passages of music and difficult recordings can be followed. The Nordost Shaman Digital Interconnect are hand built in our factory in the USA and are available with 75 ohm RCA or BNC connectors. The connectors used are selected for their sonic properties and their impedance matching characteristics which have a minimal effect on the digital signal.

The cable is terminated with the highest quality, precision crafted connector, which is made with a hard alloy that's gold plated. Additional lengths are available for special order as also for BNC Connections; please telephone our customer help line on 0247 6631707 to enquire about our bespoke cable service.

  • Silver coated using 8 conductors of 99.9999% Oxygen Free Copper
  • Gold Plated precision crafted connectors
  • Uncompromising performance
  • Proprietary FEP extrusion technology
  • Available in 75 Ohm Termination Only
  • More Information
    Brands Nordost
    Product Specifications
    • Insulation
    • Material
    • Conductor
    1 x 24 AWG
    • Capacitance
    • Propagation Delay
    86% Speed of Light
    • Impedance
    75 Ohm
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    • Company No. 2540830