-Nordost Valhalla Analogue Phono Pair

The Nordost Valhalla Analog Interconnect Lead makes the most neutral cable connection ever developed
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-Nordost Valhalla Analogue Phono Pair

The Nordost Valhalla Analog Interconnect Lead makes the most neutral cable connection ever developed. If you want to hear transparency and musical detail with the most extreme accuracy that your system is capable of producing, Valhalla is the only choice. Valhalla has raised the standard of interconnect design to new heights. This is truly the extreme reference cable.

The Nordost Valhalla Analog Interconnect consists of 8 conductors made from solid, optimized diameter 99.999999% oxygen free copper that has 78 microns of extruded silver on the surface. The surface of each conductor is highly polished before a high precision Micro Mono-Filament wrap is applied. The Micro Mono-Filament is helically wound over the conductor. A precision FEP tube is then extruded over each conductor. The eight FEP tubes are then bonded with a proprietary technique. A dual layer of silver served shielding is then wound around the assembly. This design reduces dielectric contact by more than 80%. Extremely mechanically stable, the conductors are effectively suspended in inert air, preventing oxidation.

The Nordost Valhalla Analog Interconnect is extremely fast at over 87% the speed of light. When it comes to transmitting wide bandwidth at incredible speed this cable is state of the art. This gives incredible transient response so that no musical detail is lost. This allows one to follow complex and difficult recordings with ease. Valhalla is ideal for use with SACD and other high resolution music formats. Each Valhalla interconnect cable is hand built with "Profi" RCA phono plugs or gold XLR connectors. The connectors used are selected for their sonic properties and minimal effect on signal speed and coherence.

Each cable is terminated with the highest quality, precision crafted connectors, which are made with a hard alloy that is gold plated. Red Dawn can also be ordered as balanced interconnects with gold-plated XLR connectors.

Additional lengths are also available for special order as also for BNC Connections; please telephone our customer help line on 0247 6631707 to enquire about our bespoke cable service.

Roy Gregory from Hi Fi + Issue 9 said "Special. Very special indeed. ..... I was genuinely impressed by the SPMs, feeling that they established new standards in many important areas. The Valhalla's have just rendered them obsolete as any sort of reference. Tis ruined that I am."

Brian Damkroger from Stereophile said "These are sensational cables, and you'll love what they'll do for your system. The Valhalla's get my very highest, most unconditional recommendation."

  • Ideal for use with all High End Analog amplifiers CD Players for high resolution
  • Silver coated using 8 conductors of 99.999999% Oxygen Free Copper
  • Gold Plated precision crafted Profi connectors
  • Uncompromising performance
  • More Information
    Brands Nordost
    Product Specifications
    • Insulation
    Extruded Teflon
    • Material
    Silver plated 99.999999% OFC
    • Conductor
    x 8 24 SWG Solid Core
    • Capacitance
    22.0pF per foot
    • Propagation Delay
    94% the Speed of Light
    • Length
    Avaialable in any Length
    • Termination
    Profi Connectors
    • Dielectric Strength
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