-Naim CD5XS CD Player Black

The new Naim CD5XS CD Player features improvements to grounding and ground planes together with a new display board bring significant improvements to performance
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-Naim CD5XS CD Player Black

The New Naim CD5XS CD Player uses every possible development from earlier and more costly Naim CD players to help establish it as the reference entry-level CD player. All XS Series products have the new 5 series brushed aluminium front panel and where performance gains could be made to the existing designs, these have been implemented. The drawer and transport suspension is borrowed from the CDX2; a low inertia, resonance-controlling device that ensures rigid coupling and mild damping without adding to the task of the drive servo mechanism by increasing rotational inertia. The die-cast zinc and extruded aluminium casework is a development of that used in the existing 5 series and results in an inert case with great resistance to pollution from external vibration.

The Naim CD5XS CD Player continues the trend of the latest Naim reference products by including RCA phono sockets alongside the traditionally used DIN sockets. RCA phono's allow easy connection to non-Naim amplifiers with a variety of interconnect cables allowing fine-tuning of the sound which is potentially beneficial when used in a budget non-Naim system. The Naim CD5XS CD Player uses the same Naim developed replay and control software as the reference CDS3 ensuring that the Naim CD5XS CD Player presents the maximum information from the discs in an entirely musical and believable manner.

In addition, care has been taken to ensure that the player/user interface is as logical and intuitive as possible, with extra features such as "display off' (for improved sound quality) and program cancel, where the listener can quickly select tracks not wanted to be played. The Naim CD5XS CD Player extends the Naim qualities of natural musical reproduction, flexibility and reliability to fall within the reach of even more music lovers.

  • New custom-extruded mounting brackets (uses surface area of bracket to give angle) increased rigidity on x series
  • 4-layer main board (rather than 2) giving better tracking and a greater copper area
  • Switchable S/PDIF - either have analogue or digital. But only one at a time
  • New low impedance power supply for digital clock, hard-wired clock power supply regulation
  • Switchable Din or RCA analogue output
  • Tray has new beam strength mounting and tray PCB
  • Infrared - takes modulated and demodulated inputs
  • Transformer-coupled digital out - isolated from zero volts and chassis
  • Redesigned main board - now 4 layer for improved ground planes
  • New display and display PCB for lower noise
  • Updated analogue board
  • 210VA toroidal transformer
  • Hard wired clock regulation
  • Upgradeable with FlatCap XS
  • Swing arm Beam strength mounted with enhanced triple bracket mounting points - increased rigidity

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    Brands Naim
    Product Specifications

    Audio Outputs






    DIN, RCA


    Line Outputs Fixed (level)



    2.1V RMS at 1kHz


    Load Impedance



    10kΩ (min.)


    Frequency Response



    10Hz – 20kHz




    THD + N



    <0.1%, 10Hz -18kHz at full level





    ±0.1dB referred to main response


    Digital Outputs (type)   




    5Ω BNC



    Output Impedance






    10Ω (max.)


    Remote Control               



    Infra Red (RC5)


    Remote Input   



    1 x rear panel 3.5mm jack (RC5 modulated/unmodulated)










    Optional (DE9 female)


    CD Formats        



    Red Book


    Disc Compatibility           





    User Control


    CD, CD-R


    Front Panel



    Four button matrix









    Remote handset


    Supply Voltage 





    230V; 50 or 60Hz



    Power Supply Options  







    Power Consumption







    30VA (peak)


    Power Supply   


    FlatCap XS














    Dimensions (HxWxD)



    70 x 432 x 301 mm





    6 kg


    Supplied With


    NARCOM-4 Remote Control

    Standard Interconnect

    Power-Line Lite mains cable (UK denominations only)

    What Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewWhat Hi Fi 5 Star ReviewCD5XS - A musically enthralling performer; fine build; easy to upgrade; nice to use

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    Naim CD5XS CD Player Black Specification Sheet

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